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Exploring The Gap Year

Taking a break between high school and college is an excellent way for many students in order to learn about themselves and the world as it gives them the opportunity to recharge their battery. Generally many people take the meaning by “Gap Year” that it is the time that should be spent on travelling, working, volunteering or pursuing their passion. On the other hand, it has some drawbacks also such as: cost, difficulty of staying in touch with friends and delayed in degree completion etc. Here are some pros and cons of a gap year which can help you to decide whether it should be considered or not:

Pros of Taking a Gap Year:

Re-energize After Schooling:

When you were in your school days, you faced a lot of pressure as you had to balance among your school work, sports, college applications and many more. To get relief from those days, a gap year can be a refreshing break from the academic demands.

Clear Goals and Targets For work:

Sometimes many students do not know that where they want to go and what they want to study or if they are fully prepared for college. For addressing these kinds of problems, a gap year can be a great way to refocus, recharge and many more about career paths and opportunities.

Savings for College:

There are many students who spend their money on travel programs during their gap year rather other takes this time very seriously and save money by doing some work. It could be a smart step towards building your savings first as you will not be burdened by any kind of student loan debt later.

Explore Yourself and Others:

Gap year provides you the opportunity to learn more about the world as well as yourself. Gap year come in different sizes and shapes which offers you a chance to leave your comfort zone, explore the values and test your expertise.  

Cons of Taking a Gap Year:

Requirement of Extra Planning:

If you have not done any planning, then you might not get much out of taking a gap year as designing a year of your education life is a tough task especially when it is the first time when you are having this freedom.

High Cost Programs:

There are some programs which can be very helpful in planning your gap year but later they could be pricey but you can take help of grants and scholarships for bringing these problems within reach.

Manage Everything on Your Own:

Gapping year offers you the chance for personal development but there are some challenges with you have to deal with your own capabilities. Home Page

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