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Essential online learning platforms for engineering graduates

Best Online Learning Platforms for engineering graduates

To be an engineer of top engineering colleges in Jaipur is one of the greatest professional achievements anyone can aspire too. For not only do they earn the respect of their family and friends. But they have also actually earned real skill sets that can be applied to making the world a better place. But the road to attaining their goals is fraught with different challenges which could be academic or otherwise. They would be provided with practical knowledge on how to ease their academic challenges. Through the use of several helpful online learning platforms.

There are several e-learning platform for Engineering Students who are looking to receive ideas, share ideas and also communicate with like-minded individuals.

Code academy

Students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur majoring in Engineering or computer science take courses that have an element of programming in it. Code academy is also an e-learning platform to participate in. So, on its website, interested candidates are provided access to programming resources for some major languages like Html & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Php, Python, Ruby, and APIs. Courses here are broken down into beginner, intermediary and expert levels which means that they can start their study from any stage you choose.

Skill share is an all-in-one e-learning platform for anyone looking to educate themselves using online educational resources. Therefore, on this platform, engineering students of top BTech colleges in Jaipur can take benefits of its engineering community where hundreds of learning materials, online tutorials, and practices are carried out.

Skill share employs an active learning policy, where engineering graduates actually learn by carrying out executable tasks from one module to the other. Also, it is significant to focus on individual learning and does not provide one-on-one teaching/learning situations for participants.


It is one of the world’s largest platforms that offer massive online open courses to individuals of private engineering colleges in Rajasthan looking to learn a variety of disciplines. Udemy is not an average e-learning platform, as it provides support for one-on-one tutorials, group learning, and individual pursuits.

Some of the platforms are free but a majority comes at a cost die to the fact that lecturers/educators register on it, and are use of its popularity to earn a second income stream. Therefore, students should be prepared to part away with some cash to get most of the knowledge they require. On the upside, they will be awarded a certificate for most of the courses that they have successfully completed.

Coursera is one of the largest e-learning platforms available to engineering students of best BTech colleges in Jaipur looking to complement classroom studies with some professional knowledge from external educators. The platform is better described as a massive open online course platform. Where both lecturers and students can easily interact to exchange knowledge.

Modules on this platform are treated in a structured format reminiscent of the classroom. Students of engineering colleges are encouraged to enroll for courses, participate in tutorials, make use of online materials and finally put their acquired knowledge to the test by participating in exams designed to judge one’s abilities.


Class-central is an online discovery tool that could be very useful to engineering students of BTech Colleges in Rajasthan. It aims to help students find open online courses that match their interests to participate in. With course-central, they can find tutorial materials that suit their engineering needs from reputable colleges. Other e-learning platforms while search via course-central for it also links them to courses on Udemy, Courseera amongst others.


This platform is a forest of knowledge grown to serve the needs of aspiring developers along with the professional ones. The website offers over 600 well-organized videos designed to aid their learning through the beginner’s phase to the masters’ level. Also, there is various equipment, apps, software, etc that are integrated to ease the learning process. Users can take complete benefits of resources on Html, JavaScript, Php and Ruby, designed to bring out the developer in them.

General Assemb

This is an e-learning platform built for the technical crowd. As it can be seen from the courses and learning materials it offers. On, students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur also can participate in courses covering tech fields like user-experience/interface design, web and mobile app development, data sciences, big data and business fundamentals.

The platform is geared towards preparing technical minds for the ever-present grind in the present real world. On this platform, they can take a course in design. While prepping for another in business studies, created to help them take over the tech community

Arya College

Arya College of Engineering and IT has also taken to e-learning. As it is seen as a cursory visit to this platform. Here, the emphasis is placed on providing open-source learning materials and video tutorials for the students. Which are looking to learn from its reputable educators. For engineering graduates, this platform also can be leveraged as an alternative learning and assessment portal for any course they are currently battling with.

Engineer 4 Free

Engineer 4 Free has created various free online video tutorials for several engineering courses. The tutorials cover the exact same academic content like calculus, statics, dynamics, and project management. These free videos are typically 5-10 minutes long, and covers full explanations and worked examples. Being able to watch, pause, and re-watch on demand, makes this a great resource for BTech graduates.

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