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Entrepreneurship Development in India - Then and Now

The challenges faced by MBA Colleges graduates

Startups cannot operate easily; they need a supporting eco-system to nurture them. Entrepreneurship Development or Entrepreneurs from MBA Colleges have been setting up businesses in India since the beginning of the kingdom. The core of this eco-system is the incubation facility within the business. It enables the next generation entrepreneur to immerse in incremental innovation through the surplus generated by the cash cow of the business.

Business perspective before technology

In the earlier days, people used to consider business as a ‘dhandha’, (living), requiring hands-on exposure. It was more useful than classroom-based ‘Higher Education from Top MBA Colleges’, that ‘jugaad’ (improvisation), substituted for frugal innovation, backed up by the belief that, no matter what business, profits could be extracted by the hand expertise of the chartered accountant.

People from the non-business community have lack of eco-system for creating a startup. Education, particularly technical education at Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur draw the means for joining ‘service’ and pursuing a rising career which they considered superior to dhandha.

How technology has affected the lives of entrepreneurs

The emergence of technology is the driver of a venture and the consequent necessity of professional education. Moreover, these technologies based on new-age businesses qualified as ventures and not dhandha in the minds of first-generation entrepreneurs or the students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur.

The new technology has introduced a professional network or eco-system with substantial support from US-based NRIs. Over the past couple of decades, an equivalent eco-system is taking place for the new-age ventures.

How colleges are contributing to entrepreneurship?

E-Cells in Engineering Colleges in Jaipur plays a very important role in triggering awareness, interest, desire, and action towards entrepreneurship among students from non-business communities. This will generate the influences over Business Plan Competitions, instituted E-Cells and started Incubation Centers. Moreover, it is promoting start-ups at the college level. Going beyond E-Cells, Arya College has built a reputed Center for Incubation and conducts public programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Besides E-Cells, the number of Best MBA College in Jaipur has started incubation centers. They are accelerating the strategies and business of startups. Entrepreneurship is the youngest academic discipline in India that leads to a mismatch between the need of the start-up entrepreneurs and the availability of faculty and mentor expertise.


In conclusion, media coverage of the entrepreneurial eco-system is not exactly it looks like. Indian Entrepreneurs have begun to face the reality of risking the funds of the managerial challenges. It will scale up the start-up to Business Plan projections, of pursuing growth that enables the venture to capture value overvaluation.

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