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Engineers and their Group Projects

Engineers and their Group Projects

The life of an Engineer is inundating with projects. Either its group or individual students are always loaded with them. There is no denial in the fact that these projects are the training to become a proficient engineer. However, which one is better a group project or an individual project? According to me, the Group projects are better than the individual project. There are reasons behind the preference of the Group projects. The reasons are:

• Responsibilities and Duties

The main pillar of a victorious engineering project is the responsibility. The contribution of a team of responsible members will always result in the success of the project. It is a positive aspect of the group project that, every member of the group is equally responsible for the project. Being tangled, in many works is not responsibility but the productivity of the project is responsibility. The contribution of every individual duty in the group project by completing the work assigned to them will result in a fertile and timely project.

• Faith and Reliance

Having faith in your team or group is one of the most important things. The team should develop faith in each other that, team members can rely on each other for work. Lack of trust can hamper your success. The faith of every individual in the team will decrease the chances of conflicts in the team. Try to help each other in your team. The unity of a team is the strength of it. Hence, have faith and reliance in your group to lead a successful project.

• Relationship and Compatibility

A mellifluous relationship in the group during the project strengthens the team. A good team will share their learning, opinion, strategies, planning, and above all a good partnership. A group with these qualities is empowered to make the best project. The team members should be mature enough to accept luminaries of discrete behaviors. Have you ever wondered why teachers give a group project? The theory behind this is that the teacher wants to test your compatibility with your fellow members. They want to see how you will complete your project rectifying all the differences in perceptions among the team.

• Respect and Gratitude

You will only get respect if you give respect. Respecting the opinion and needs of every individual in a team will build a strong team. It is good to share your thought but you should also be a good listener. The group project may lead to some disagreements but never disrespect your fellow. Try to give your cent percent in the project. Maybe, a small project for you is a big call for the other. It is a group project and, you have to work with each other. Instead of getting into the conflicts, show commitment to your projects.

• Reflection of the Performance

The development, improvement, and communication with the team are the refection of your commitment and contribution to the group. Focus on both the personal performance as well as the team performance. A group project will help you to learn the most. Therefore, to lead a good team and a successful project you have to show these qualities. Home Page

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