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Engineering Career – The leading trends

The most in-demand engineering career

Engineering a great career in today’s world. It has different branches sourcing the requirements in order to meet the industries of the world. There are two types of careers, including conventional and unconventional nature. Conventional career includes various branches like Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical or Computer Science. These engineering professionals have to perform tasks like service Engineer, Quality Engineer and a lot more.

Jobs in any start-up or established company, SME’s or MNC’s, can make a career with the efforts and determination of the students of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. However, an MBA is an added advantage to basic graduation. It will make you a potential candidate by creating an equilibrium of qualification and managerial skills.

Engineering Career - Leading Trends

Industrial Optimization is an opportunity opener for the candidates of Top MBA Colleges. They must be willing to work in production, product designing, and quality assurance.

  1. Software Engineers – They are in great demand for new software/apps creation and increasing cybersecurity needs, data analysis, IoT for smart factory operations and manufacturing.
  2. Civil Engineers – They have a chance to work for infrastructure, water management & filtration and real estate.
  3. Electronics and Electrical Engineers – They will prospect in automation& robotics, additive manufacturing for integrating the technologies, control system designers, etc. in various sectors like defense, medical instrument manufacturing, and aerospace.
  4. Mechanical Engineers - With the knowledge of Hydraulics and Pneumatics, they will be able to work in chemical & gasses industries. However, they can also pursue a career in robotics. It is the bridge between mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering when it comes to the final execution of robotic based products.

Industries where engineers can land on

Innovation in a career based on Engineering can lead the students of the Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan to Engineering Consultant, Entrepreneur, Underwriter, Project expert or Product Innovator.

There are many other branches of Engineering like Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. Also, it includes Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Mining Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, etc. They are efficiently providing their own set of opportunities.

Career alternatives than engineering

There are different other fields or industries where engineers of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur can make their careers after completing their studies. However, their educational qualification allows them to perform better in jobs that are not only for Engineers.

For instance, it includes Film Making, Photography, Content Writing, Author, Event Management, Gaming Business, Sales & Marketing, Recruitment, Faculty, Business Consultation, Blogger or Entrepreneur.

Impact of opportunities on the economy

Indian Economy is rapidly growing with ample of opportunities for skilled and talented graduates provided. They explore the possibilities rather than working traditionally. Engineering goods exports are 60% of the total exports of India. This is a huge opportunity for exports of transport equipment, capital goods, other machinery/equipment, and light engineering products. It further includes castings, forgings, and fasteners, etc.


In conclusion, it is significant for the students of B Tech Colleges to provide equal importance to the decision of career selection. The focus of work experiences on polishing skills and acquiring new knowledge is unavoidable. Taking up higher education either is the same field of Engineering or in management can be beneficial for the candidates willing to get into research, academics or specific specialization.

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