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Engineering - Better Branch Vs Better College

Find The Better Branch Vs Better College Of Engineering

Have you finished your 12th class? Are you interested in getting into the field of engineering? But are you finding difficulties in choosing the right branch for you? There are many questions which remained unanswered when it comes to finding a good engineering college among the herd of engineering colleges.

Is branch selection is so hard?

Branch selection is not the most prior subject to discuss. The selection of the best college matters instead of the selection of the best branch. Every branch has its own positive and negative aspects. Either it is Computer Science, Electronics & Telecommunications or it is Mechanical, Chemical or Civil. Everyone hustle in knowing the best branch and best scope in that branch.

I am going to tell you some of the reasons why it is said why the branch doesn’t matter that much.

• All branches have a scope if you are studying in a good college. There are many jobs either its mechanical engineering or computer science engineering. A good branch is not going to help if you are in a bad college. It is so as most of the engineering colleges are overcrowded because everyone entered in this field.

• It is seen that after 5 years of graduating, you cannot figure out in which branch you get your degree. This is so because now- a- days, mechanical engineers are doing the job in bank and finance, computer engineers are doing non- computer stuff jobs, some engineers are in Bollywood and some others in insurance companies.

Right Selection of College

If the selection of the college doesn’t matter much then why every year thousands of students fight for being in the IITs and BITS. Why the NITs are far better than most of the state engineering colleges? So, yes the selection of the right engineering college matters more than that of right selection of the branch.

It is quite easy to say that students from the most vulnerable college have succeeded in their lives but probably the success is in spite of college instead of because of the college. And one cannot deny the fact that they would have done better if they had been in a better college.

A better college will have a better system of education, a handful of better professors and plenty of better classmates. So, if you are getting a less interested branch in a very good college than you should go for that. On the other hand, if you are getting comparable college than go for the better branch.

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