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Emerging careers trends-Engineering and Technology 2020

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology - With the advent of the digital era, the last decade has seen various changes in the way the human race commutes, communicates and entertains. We already in a phase where engineers across industries are co-working with robots that are auto-programmed to update their intelligence through fetching live data from their environment.

In today’s highly competitive world, an engineering degree is no longer guarantees job security. Future engineers require additional specialization and skills to adapt to the rapid digitization of industries. The boom in technical education is opening up without proper quality checks, including engineering and the various engineering colleges. So, now, they have left the country with an excess supply of engineers who are unemployed. However, there is a huge scope for well trained and skilled engineers. In this age, technology has gone beyond imagination and creates an impact on our day-to-day lives.

The progress in simulation techniques, data reduction, data capture, and others has made analyses much more precise and refined. Technologies like 3-D printing enable rapid prototyping. Also, it has made the building of models much quicker. Industry 4.0 advances in automation and robotics. It has paved the way for the mass production of customized and differentiated products on the same production line.

The technology was seen as a facilitator of our work and is important to our daily lives. Technology is integral to our survival from the alarm clock that wakes us up to memory mattresses. So, this change has created a need for specialization even in engineering.

Improving employability of graduates

Modern engineering is undergoing rapid changes among booming industries like travel and healthcare. They are going through a major revolution using digital technologies. In order to adapt to the changing landscape, students of Top Engineering Colleges should look for opportunities to enhance their skills and gain hands-on industry experience in real-life applications.

Today, the students have become digitally savvy that makes it easier for them to adapt to contemporary engineering concepts. The government along with educational institutes like Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan is providing various platforms to encourage innovative thinking in young graduates. The Smart India Hackathon is one such platform where students of engineering colleges get the opportunity to explore experiment and solve real-life industry problems.

Newer technologies redefine engineering disciplines

Engineering is the most sought after career stream in the years to come. Only the landscape on which industries innovate and flourish has changed. As we step into the next year, these technologies will continue to create avenues for innovation.

Today, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are solving most of the problems of the students of the best engineering colleges. Also, STEM graduates are in hot demand. The future is going to bring various opportunities for students to work on problems that students have not experienced.

Holistic skills in demand

In the coming future, the jobs in the engineering and technology industry require interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary knowledge. In order to thrive in a competitive, changing environment, the students of B Tech Colleges in Rajasthan have to consider certain aspects, including:

  • To think out of the box
  • Read industry-related publications
  • Develop and possess critical and complex problem-solving abilities
  • Become more open to take risks and accept failures
  • Become more creative and have extraordinary people skills

It is significant to innovate more in the tech industries. Therefore, students must strive for improvement. Only being a digitized world is not enough. Instead, you should become a digital winner.

Engineering and colleges

An engineer has three primary roles to fulfill during their career. It includes analyzing the need for technology in a particular area, creating a prototype as a solution, and replication of the prototype for mass production. Any engineering graduate of top engineering college expected to perform all of the above tasks at different times during his/her career.

Best engineering colleges in India provides facilities on the campus for the realization of ideas, to pursue brilliant ideas to prototype building, and also growing and nurturing entrepreneurship. Topics that enrich the capabilities of the candidates like data analysis, data crunching, and capturing data using IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning have now become part of UG Programs in top Engineering Colleges.

Similarly, there are several mechanisms like technology-enabled learning and project-based learning that are built into the coursework by these engineering colleges. Students must enrich their traditional domain skills like EEE, IPE, Mech through several courses like IoT, Robotics and Automation, Programming techniques. It provides a unique edge to candidates so that they preferred by companies during the hiring process. Colleges or universities have deepened their industry engagements and have introduced ‘Industry-ready’ training and industry-driven courses.

Skills over technical knowledge

Nobody can deny from the fact that a large number of engineers who are in the market are unemployable. This does not mean that engineering education or the future of engineering is dark or complex. Corporate does not require engineers who only know how to code. Also, they are looking at other skills and other on-the-job experience in the form of internships.

When it comes to skills, the knowledge of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Python is considered as the most crucial skills. Companies have become tricky while selecting their employees even from the top engineering colleges in Jaipur. Therefore, it is essential that students are able to communicate their technical prowess.

The field of engineering has different branches that can be applied to various fields. Therefore, engineering plays a vital role in IT companies, healthcare, hospitality, aerospace, roads, heavy machinery, and many other areas.

The relation between Students and engineering

In India, engineering education is at the crossroads today. It is a chance to take the country on the next high growth projects and pathways by having the right manpower. So, students of top placement colleges need to ensure that they are industry-ready by the end of their program. They should focus on the quality over quantity of the system which individually can ensure that all the graduates are gainfully employed.

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