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Effective Use of Social Media

Arya College guides students on the effective use of social media

In today’s society, social media is an integral part of the student's life. Everyday bulk of news is being disseminated over the internet. The children and teens are the foregrounds to sculpt the future of the social networking sites, as they form the majority of users. According to the reports, everyday teens are spending approximately 8 hours on the internet. Arya College Jaipur is one of those engineering colleges in Jaipur, which guides their students on the effective use of the internet.

The children use the internet to interact the persons who are unknown to them. Sometimes, the misuse of social media leads to negative outcomes like cyberbullying. Therefore, today I am going to tell you some effective ways to use social media. The uses of Social Media for Students are:

Educating the Youth

The social media can be used to educate the youth of our country. The social media can talk personally to the teens and children more effectively, that took on a broader perspective. The people are also using YouTube to reach the people and express their feelings on different subjects. The leading companies are also showing their interest in sponsoring these people for making videos to exhibit their products.

Voice of the Society

Social media can also be used to raise the voice of society. The social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being used to create the voice for the voiceless by the youth of our country. Social media considered as the best platform to spread a message. Therefore, the youth can reach thousands of people to eliminate the curbs of the society.

Innovations and Creativity

The social media is a wide platform for creative people. The social platforms allow active participation and sharing of various subjects. It encourages the students to think beyond their limits and develop some good and varied content. The young people can share some new applications and websites every day to highlight their creativity and individuality.

Development of different skills

Social media is a rich platform for learners. The social media enable young students to hone various new skills every day. The young ones also get the opportunity of endless exposure towards different people in the different social environment. It will develop the skills of casual interaction in the students. The social networking site, YouTube has thousands of educational videos for the students. Some educational videos are mathematics, cooking, playing guitar, etc.

Writing Blogs on various subjects

Writing blog on whichever topic of your interest will enhance your writing skills. The students will learn to promote their content online that is an essential skill for entrepreneurship. You can also share video blogs on YouTube. To expand your knowledge and thoughts, you should read blogs from the influential personalities around the world.

Cooperative learning

The young person can make Facebook groups with their families, friends and, classmates to discuss and share informative videos and content. The classmates can work collectively for a project and suggest each other on various topics. The students can ask for their teachers’ help if they are connected with them on Facebook.

Public Speaking

Many children feel uncomfortable in speaking in public about their thoughts or views. Contrary, on social media children, feels free to post their status or tweet about their opinions on current affairs. This public sharing of the thoughts will increase their level of confidence to stand for their words. It will also help them to improve their skills of public speaking. The social media will help the students to express themselves confidently in front of the public.

Stress Buster

Besides all the factors, social platforms work as a stress reliever. After spending some time on social media, students start studying with extra concentration and enthusiasm. However, the parents should govern the time that a child spends on the social media. An average time of 10 minutes per hour is a standard time; a parent should give to their children. During this break time, the students can scroll feeds on Facebook or Instagram, or they can watch some softhearted videos.

Overall, social media is a powerful yet influential tool. It depends on the students that how they use it, that is, either for their betterment or for misusing the social media for cyberbullying. Arya College of Engineering and IT governs and monitor the use of social platforms at the college campus.

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