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Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Contact for Admission

Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya


Different Courses for BTech are available at Arya College

B.Tech. Course available at Arya College

Top Colleges of Engineering in Jaipur Rajasthan has many courses of B. Tech, It is considered one of the most sought-after programs for candidates with a science background, also top engineering colleges in Jaipur were highly preferred a few years ago.

Several B Tech Courses are:-

B Tech Aerospace Engineering

Demand for aerospace engineers with the best B. Tech colleges  in Rajasthan Candidates holding a B Tech Aerospace Engineering degree can be hired as Aerospace Engineers, Researchers, Aircraft Technicians.

B Tech Civil Engineering

This course has high demand across the nation and the government is developing various infrastructural projects, Smart City projects, and due to the boom of the Indian real estate market and also Professionals holding a degree in B Tech Civil Engineering can be hired as Civil Engineers, Executive Engineers, Site Engineers, and Structural Engineers by Newton Engineering & Chemicals, L&T Realty, Bridge & Roof, Oberoi Builders, etc.

Computer Science & Engineering

Best engineering college in Rajasthan is a versatile degree with various job opportunities across industries, especially the IT industry also Candidates in this degree can be placed as Software Engineers and Software Developers, Test Engineers, Programmer Analysts, and also Content Developers in the best IT companies including TCS, Facebook, Wipro, Capgemini, Infosys, Accenture, etc.

Cloud Technology & Information Security

Cloud Technology and Information Security train students in ethical hacking, computer forensics, concepts of virtualization, and cloud security Professionals holding this qualification can be placed as Cloud Product Managers, Cloud Security Specialists, Cloud Support Engineers, also Senior Cloud Architects in leading companies such as IBM, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Dell, HP, Facebook, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Trains students in the dynamics of mechanical engineering, design engineering, and thermodynamics and after clearing this program, professionals can be placed as Assistant Engineers, Junior Mechanical Engineers, and Design Engineers in the best Indian companies.

Computer Science in Full Stack Development

Computer Science in Full Stack Development is one of the best B Tech courses that an individual can currently pursue and this program trains them to develop computer and mobile websites and applications from scratch by managing back-end and front-end coding also Professionals holding this degree are employed as Programmers and Full Stack Developers in some top IT companies like IBM, Viacom, Azure, CarWale, SmartConnect Technologies, etc.

B Tech Cyber Security

Increased dependence on online transactions in the banking and finance sector, this program is in high demand and online financial transactions are threatened by hackers, malware, and phishing activities that require qualified experts from top information technology colleges in Jaipur to neutralize the threat also Professionals holding a B Tech Cyber Security and Forensic degree are hired as Ethical Hackers.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are one of the best computer science programs for individuals, as most industries are attracted to implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their day-to-day applications and The program trains students in applications of artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling, and knowledge representation also Professionals holding this qualification can be hired as Machine Learning Engineers, Big Data.


A High Level of Job Satisfaction

Engineers in their respective organizations have high job satisfaction and They are rewarded with a variety of incentives and benefits for their outstanding performance at work also Engineering collages raised student awareness of current market requirements.

A Variety of Career Options

They can pursue entrepreneurship or management opportunities also They have the potential to become well-known faculty members of every engineering institution.

Development of The Mind

Engineers collaborate alongside some of the world's brightest minds, and also their intellectual development is unstoppable So they have real-world solutions and serve as role models for others by being a beacon of hope.

Both Challenging and Interesting

Engineer jobs are not for the faint at heart and They are often confronted with interesting problems to overcome and assist people with their problem-solving abilities.

Society's Assistive Hand

Engineers have a valuable service to society and They help us solve challenges, which makes our lives simpler also They are responsible for the construction of dams, airports, hospital equipment, and scientific breakthroughs, among other things.

Financial Security

It is a highly profitable profession, and with the best minimum pay or salaries of any discipline also Earn your.


B. Tech degree is for you so If you think you have found your career path after going through this specialization courses so it is time for you to shortlist top engineering and computer science colleges in India.

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