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Decisions that may ruin your Career

As an engineer, the wrong decisions can affect your career

Our life is so uncertain. It is so hard to make a decision. Sometimes, due to this hard and fast, we make some wrong decisions. These wrong decisions can be so fatal that it may ruin our whole career. As every decision has its pros and cons, some optimal decisions can completely ruin your professional life. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. The awareness and prevention can adjourn the long-term negative impact on your career. Arya College of Engineering organizes Career Counseling sessions for students to know about their career aspirations.

Today, I am going to mention some wrong decisions an engineer makes during his/her career.

First Job

The first job of the career is always the most crucial step. You should think deeply about the decision of the first job offered to you. The foundation of the career should be strong to anticipate a higher value in the future. Do not accept the offer of a sub-optimal career path. A wrong decision or a wrong job at the beginning of your career may prevent you from opting from a better opportunity in future.

Education ends

Giving up or limiting your education is a bad decision. Education has no limits and boundaries. You may finish your academic education and hold a degree, but your learning phase will begin after your first job. You may get a job with your degree, but the outcome of your skills can only be learned with your ongoing job. The ongoing job knowledge is the knowledge that will last for the lifetime.

Frequent Job switching for Salary

During your career, frequent switching of the jobs for the salary may create a bad impact on your overall growth and return. Choosing a job with a higher salary may look attractive, but it will restrict your short-term compensation and growth. Higher jobs are a good option for the person who is seeking retirement after some time. The employers offer higher compensation to attract you, but it may misplace the good growth and return. Consider the vivacious demand-supply for your set of skill.

Settling your roots

Do not confine yourself to the boundaries of a city. The larger you explore, the more opportunities you will get to grow. Settling yourself in a particular city will restrict you to take the better opportunities at other places. Once you will buy a house and settle, you will find it difficult to move to other city or change the house.

Forgetting Job friends

It is very necessary to keep in touch with your job friends from past organizations. You have a set of friends in every workplace; either the place you have worked or you are working. It is very important to maintain those relationships, as you never know when you will need them in your career phase. Many times, only the employees of the company know about the vacancies in that particular company. Therefore, it is crucial to keep those past relationships alive. It will provide you external professional support at the time of crisis.

Fluctuating career options

Stick to what you need, is the key to success. The fluctuation in your interests and career options will bring you the instability and temporary excitement. The frequent switch in the jobs will lead you to the bottom of a heap. You will found yourself at a place where your past job experience will not be acknowledged. The persons of your age will be at a higher position and will continue to grow whereas you will be a fresher every time you switch your job. Therefore, stick to your profession, as it will give you career experience and exponential benefits for the future.

Leaving behind your Passion

It is said that a dedicated person is more likely to succeed than a lazy and talented one. Therefore, backing out from your passion may result in a wrong decision for your career. If you are working as per your interest then, your success rate will be higher as when you enjoy your job it will no longer be a job. On the other hand, a job without interest or passion will only lead to disappointment, sacrifice or sometime may also result in failure. Therefore, before opting for a profession, a person should focus on his/ her personal interest or passion.

Arya College Jaipur is one of those engineering colleges, which gives Career counselings to students to follow their passion. The Arya College provides the platform to the students to build their career.

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