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Courses in the Engineering Counseling program at B Tech Colleges

Different aspects of education counseling

The engineering counseling degrees of B Tech Colleges helps individuals to equip with the knowledge they need to ensure social, academic and career development of students. It requires identification and analysis of the behavioral and social factors that usually affect the lives of the students. After all, the graduate's degree programs mainly require two and four years to complete and a minimum of 100 hours of internship and 600 hours of practicum experience. Undermentioned are wide ranges of courses in school counseling grad degree programs.

Theory and methods of counseling

The methods and theory of counseling course at Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan cover introduction to counseling theories and the psychological techniques involved during counseling. It explores the recent applicable theories and puts more emphasis on them. It also includes methods of conceptualizing the behavioral changes among the students. This coursework mainly requires a minimum of three credit hours. After completing this, students can easily compare and contrast all the counseling theories based on their major constructs, psychological adjustment, and counseling process.

Group Counseling and Guidance

This course basically combines the aspects of the theory of counseling and research. Its main purpose is to gauge the performance and organization of groups in Best Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. Students can learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of group dynamics. So, it helps them to acquire the skills essential for facilitating various kinds of group interactions. However, students who have completed this course successfully can also identify all the principles of group dynamics, and understand the processes involved in group development and design counseling groups. This course considers a minimum of three credit hours.

Practicum in School Counseling

The practicum program at the Engineering Colleges in Jaipur is designed to help students expand their knowledge. It is based on counseling theories and processes. It is mainly applicable to K-12 students. Also, it helps the students familiarize themselves with the working. Also, they can distinguish the roles and responsibilities of the counselors and other school personnel. It can be achieved through observations, interviews and hands-on experience. Class meetings, peer feedback, group discussions, and case presentations can be conducted for effective results. The course has a minimum of six credit hours.

Cultural Competence and Social Justice

The cultural competence and social justice course at B Tech Colleges in Jaipur explore how the cultural differences affect the delivery of counseling services to the students. Also, it exposes them to different racially and culturally diverse groups. It helps them to learn how their own cultural experiences can affect their counseling practices. In addition, the coursework has between three and six credit hours.

Internship in School Counseling

The internship course design mainly to enhance the counseling skills of students at B Tech College in Jaipur through the field and clinical experience. However, it fundamentally involves research, evaluations, assessments, and interactions that help students to perfectly practice as counselors. The course mainly involves a minimum of nine credit hours.

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