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Consequences of Missing Lectures in College

Missing a class or bunking lectures in college is one of most loved fun activities for most of the students. But we must become careful before it becomes our habit otherwise we may fall into a trouble. Over the time, the number of lectures we miss directly affects a lot of things which are related to the academic point or personal point. Along with this, we, who are pursuing Engineering courses, are likely to face more troubles when we miss our lectures in college. if we are also one of those thousand students and have been missing the lecture for a long time, then friends read this blog as there are a few things which would be troubling if we continuous it:

There will be more to study:

The first and crucial thing would happen to us is the loss of the study. The time which we are not investing in our lectures will later have to be rescheduled at home for covering the essential topics which we have missed in class. Moreover, we have to study them ourselves which will take more time in order to understand the crucial and complex concepts.

The occurrence of low Attendance:

It is the very important thing which we will definitely do not want in our graduation. It will not just result in a deduction of marks as well as also decrease our chances of taking the final exams. There are many colleges where some percentage of minimum attendance is required for a student for becoming eligible for the semester examinations.

Chances of Golden Opportunities:

Along with the study part, there are several other opportunities which are waiting for us in the classroom such as meeting new friends, exploring something new and evaluating perspective of others for getting a better understanding of complex situations etc. Being an engineering student, the lectures hold much more important to present ideas and learning other efficient ways.

Affected Grades:

This would be an unavoidable effect of missing lectures as low grades come to a realization which turned into a regret at the end of the semester. We are missing classes when we are supposed to give presentations or involve in other class activities and it is causing a deduction in our marks. So the lectures are the more important as they are the ultimate contributor to grades.

Wastage of Money:

Yes, this is one of the drawbacks of missing lectures as we know that the fees which we are paying in college are quite high and if we calculate the amount of one day, we will be surprised to record the figure. So instead of wasting money, we should start investing in our education by attending the lectures. Home Page

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