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Common interview questions for Mechanical Engineering fresher

Steps to qualify mechanical engineering hurdles

Landing a job in the top company is a dream for most Mechanical Engineering graduates. In addition, the best way to ensure their job is to prepare them thoroughly for personal interviews. Individuals need to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make the best impression. And it all starts from the very first round of the job interview. However, if you try and find out, there are always a few sets of common interview questions which are always a part of the interview session.

Strategies that most recruiters follow

Most of the time, engineering fresher do not have work experience to talk about, recruiters focus on general knowledge and their skills. One of the best ways to judge the capability of a candidate of Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Jaipur is to test their knowledge on the basis of the company and its products.

There are some core companies for engineers of Mechanical Engineering Colleges. It includes Larsen& Toubro, Kirloskar, NALCO, Thermax, Tata Group, Mahindra Group, Adani, Bajaj, and Engineers India Ltd. The common interview questions for these companies can be asked in the following formats.

Common topics for interview questions

The list of technical interview questions for fresher of Top Mechanical Engineering Colleges can run into thousands. However, the recruiters can ask about any subject they wish to according to the company. Make sure, the candidates have prepared for most of the common topics. Undermentioned are some of the common topics for mechanical engineers. It includes thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluidics, aerodynamics, welding, refrigeration, the strength of materials, power plant, mechanics, manufacturing, etc.

Students of B Tech College in Jaipur have to be prepared for questions on any of these questions; these questions can be in the following format. However, it includes the difference between thermodynamics and heat transfer, states the laws of thermodynamics, structure of power plant, different types of loads, different types of systems like Lubrication/Cooling/Braking. The best way to prepare for this is to get together with friends and do group study, bouncing questions off each other.

Subjects that were your favorites in college

One of the most common interview questions for engineers of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur is to ask about favorite subjects in college. However, you have to divert the recruiters about the subjects you are best at ease with. These subjects may not be your favorites but you can still answer questions about them. Some of the formats in which these questions are asked are –

  1. Tell us about your favorite subjects
  2. Tell us about subjects you were good at
  3. Which concepts from your favorite subject can be applied to our company’s products
  4. Tell us about the subjects you hated in college
  5. What if you do not work on products related to your favorite subject


In conclusion, students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur should remember to not choose a subject in which they have scored the least but stated as your favorite subject. If you do, then make sure you have more practical experience in it, like you did a live project in it but did not have the time to study and score in the subject.

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