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Cloud Computing – Essential factors to consider

Why Cloud Computing has gathered massive popularity

Cloud Computing has gathered massive popularity in the past half decade, and this popularity growth appears seems to be an upward trend. With this rising popularity, students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur should make a career in cloud computing. Most of the people from non-technical domains with less or no knowledge are wanting to harness Cloud Computing’s popularity for career opportunities.

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple words, Cloud Computing provides an on-demand services like Storage, Networking, Computation, Security, Messaging, etc. On metered usage, which can be accessed all over the world using the internet and all the resources are maintained and monitored by your vendor by providing various opportunities to focus on your business. Many popular vendors in the market offer an on-demand services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc. These vendors offer services in multiple countries and serve in different locations across the globe.

With metered usage, students of Computer Science Engineering Colleges in India can use the resources and services offered by these vendors on a ‘pay as you wish’ basis. In other words, you can use a resource for N hours for N amount, then they will be charged only for that duration and the size of the resource. These resources are delivered to them in highly secured models in different offerings in the form of service and deployments models.

Career opportunities offered under Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers various different career opportunities that serve different purposes in different forms. With Cloud Service vendors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure blooming at a very high rate, several companies wanting to hire people skilled in AWS, Azure and GCP. It is expected that around 350 billion dollars in Cloud Computing chooses for a career in this domain may not be a bad option.

Today, Cloud Computing is a good career option for the graduates of Best Engineering College in Rajasthan. The skilled individuals in this domain can have roles like Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud Administrator, Cloud Practitioner, Cloud Data Engineer, Cloud Machine Learning Specialist, Cloud Networking Specialist, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Support Engineer, etc. However, Cloud vendors classify these roles in top major categories, as follows:

  • a. Cloud Solutions Architect – People who design or plan Cloud Solutions and Migrations.
  • b. Cloud Developers – Professional who can create these applications on cloud and further create and migrate them to cloud.
  • c. Cloud Administrators – Graduates who can maintain the applications built or migrated to Cloud platforms.

What coders can do with cloud computing?

As a developer, individuals of private engineering colleges in Rajasthan can build host and manage applications on Cloud platforms easily. Thus, make it easy for them to create an application on the Cloud. With various services offered by Cloud Service vendors, user can migrate their existing code to cloud or can set up an environment to write code within minutes.

Platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure make it easy for them to implements various end-to-end DevOps practices on Cloud with services various they offer. With automation, it becomes easy to build an application on a cloud which support for deployment and production management.

API helps an individual to transition in the computing world becomes easier. This helps communicate with third-party tools and applications on offer. These platforms support popular programming and scripting knowledge so that they can feel at home on these cloud platforms. Platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have particular certifications or role-based certifications that certify them as a developer or a DevOps engineer.

Role of Cloud Computing for Non-Coders

Non-coders can also have a career on Cloud. But it is not as easy as it would be for a developer or administrator. To start with, students of engineering colleges in Jaipur have already listed the benefits of knowing to code for cloud computing. Thus, it is clear that having coding skills are always a plus for Cloud Computing. However, it is necessary to address are using Cloud Computing. Platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform offer numerous services, many of which do not require an individual to code.

While considering prerequisites, it clearly shows that it is good to have these skills but not mandatory. In other words, people wanting to make a career here can either have these or not. You do not know coding but want to learn. In that case, it is good to have knowledge on following the points or develop skills in the following areas networking fundamentals, basic bash fundamentals, learn a programming language, etc.

Two to three months’ investment of time is good enough for the students of top private engineering colleges to get started. What this will do provides more control over API usage, and they can advance into cloud computing very smoothly. It is important to assume that an individual might not very interested in learning to code. Just brush you Linux fundamentals, and basics of JSON, which should enough for them to help basics architecting on Cloud. They may get into non-technical roles, where they understand cloud computing, but at the same time take care of marketing or sales or pre-sales side of things. Thus, there are numerous possibilities one can look into. And how do you move ahead and solve your concerns in the cloud computing domain.

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