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Choosing between Computer Science and Information Technology – A career in engineering

Computer Science or Information Technology

A mind brims with lots of questions after completing the twelfth standard like “What should I do now?” “Which subject/branch is best for me?” “Which college should I choose?” “And which ones are the Best Engineering Colleges all over India?” or many more. So, nobody can deny from the fact that this crucial time demands proper guidance and support. Candidates who have completed their intermediate in science stream and planning to go in for a degree at BTech colleges in Rajasthan must feel confused. Also, most of them could not decide choosing between BTech in Computer Science and BTech in Information Technology (CSE and IT).

However, CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) and IT (Information technology) at Top Engineering Colleges in India are quite similar in some or the other way. In India, large percentage of students are confused between these two fields because of the lack of the understanding of the minute differences and similarities between the two engineering streams. An individual must be well aware about their own interest/s and area in which they would like to make their career in.

1. Main Difference

a. Computer Science

Engineers of Top Computer Science Engineering Colleges are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers and supercomputers to circuit designing and writing software that powers them.

b. Information Technology

Information Technology largely deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to store, protect process, transmit and securely retrieve data. IT professionals perform different tasks that ranges from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases.

The major difference between both these field defines that IT deals with the application of computing technology to real life processes and IT is just the selection of the proper software or hardware for the task, while, Computer Science deals with the science that facilitates these applications. In other words, it is the creation of software and hardware by using different programming skills.

2. Difference in course and core areas

a. Computer Science

Computer Science engineering students study design, implementation, and management of information system of both software and hardware processes. Students pursuing computer science study includes subjects like Algorithms and Data Structure, Database and Information Retrieval, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Human-Computer Communication, Numerical and Symbolic Computation, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Software Methodology and Engineering.

b. Information Technology

Information Technology mainly deals with installation, development and implementation of different computer systems and applications. In this, students of Best BTech Colleges in Jaipur learn certain subjects like the Data Structures and Algorithms, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Software Engineering, Computer Communication and Networking, Database Systems, Internet Technologies and Applications, etc.

3. Career scope

a. Computer Science

Job openings for Software professionals of the best engineering colleges Jaipur is much higher in the corporate sector than in public sector. They can join as junior programmer, Data Analyst, junior network manager, Software Developer, database administrator, Software Engineer, and Client-Server Systems Manager etc in the initial stage. Students have job opportunities at top organizations like IBM, Intel, HP, TCS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, TECHMAHINDRA, CTS and Dell across the globe.

b. Information Technology

Career options after BTech in Information Technology are very large. IT Specialists are mainly required in almost all range of employment fields like finance, defence, arts, medicine, and many other areas. Many opportunities are available for the engineering graduates in various IT firms across the country. Some of the leading IT Companies for the students of top Information Technology college graduates includes Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, HCL Infotech, IBM, etc. These professionals can get jobs in different public sector firms. Some of the leading public sector firms can be stated as BSNL, ISRO, CDIT, CDAC, etc.

4. Option in Higher Study

Students of engineering colleges who have completed their bachelor degree in Computer Science or in Information technology go for higher specialization in the related area. There are various colleges all over the world that offer Master’s program in Computer Science. Students who have pursued Masters of Business administration can attain both technical as well as administrative skills. Some of the higher study options like M.Phil and PhD also awaits professionals in Computer science and Information technology. It further includes degrees like Masters in Technology, Masters in Engineering, Masters in Science, Masters in Business Administrations, M.Phil, Ph.D, etc.

For this, students only have to think about their interest and then select the field accordingly. They should not leave any space for any sort of confusion. Taking the right decision at the initial stage, would be a boon to students of the list of engineering colleges in Rajasthan in the research field and to those who want to do more invention or become innovators for the near coming future.


It is completely dependent on an individual to decide the option that they want to pursue. CSE and IT both are equally rewarding in their space. They need to dig out the facts and match their interests with what the degree has to offer and this way they will come to the right decision.

The most important thing that matters most is the choice of college. Students of BTech colleges in India must ensure going for a college that has the best placement facilities, gives equal importance to practice and theory, and has a splendid academic record. Some of the top engineering colleges in Jaipur offers BTech in Information Technology as well as BTech in Computer Science Engineering. Therefore, an individual can consider engineering colleges in Jaipur for the pursuit of their dreams. Think wisely and choose the best option.

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