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Challenges during Internships

The challenges faced during the internships

Getting an internship in a good organization did not complete your task. Ideally, acquiring an internship is just the beginning of the turbulence. As you are new to everything during the internship, you have to face many challenges. Sometimes, there are chances that you can complete your internship smoothly but there can also be such a time when you cannot escape the challenges. Arya College Jaipur in this league is one of the best engineering colleges, which trains its students for the challenges faced during the internships.

Thus, it is better to understand those problems before you have to face them in the real world. Therefore, I am listing some of the common challenges the students may face during the internships. I am also listing the solutions to such problems.

The unnoticed Work

It is true that everyone does well during the internships in the anticipation of the recognition. Being an intern, you must be putting your 100% in work, but still, you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere. It can be discouraging that you are rarely appreciated.

The solution to this problem is, it is said that hard work does not get unnoticed for a long time. Therefore, it is our duty to keep working hard, as perseverance is the key to success and recognition. You are there for a brief time so, huge expectations may lead to discouragement. Therefore, keep working, as you will be overlooked soon.

Unsupportive Mentors and Leaders

The productivity of your internship purely depends on your mentor. You may learn many things from an internship if your mentor helps you to learn and work. On the other hand, dealing with an unsupportive and uncooperative mentor can become one of your greatest challenges.

For the solution of this problem, prepare a questionnaire in one go for the mentor as the mentor may get irritated with frequent bothering. However if this will also not work, then you can ask the authorities to change your mentor.

Time Management

The time management between your college life, professional life, and personal life are paramount. Your internship is your first step in your professional life. Your mentor will not tolerate the things like reaching late to the college and submitting late projects during the internship. One should be efficient enough to manage all the things simultaneously.

The problem can be solved by getting habitual of adopting a well- organized life. It is not a thing, which you can learn in a night. You have to work on your self- management and set a goal to achieve it.

Assignment of insignificant Work

Sometimes, during the internships, you will not get what you expect. You expect to be a crucial part of the company whereas you will be assigned to some of the less important work. There will be a time when you will find your work trivial but somewhere your work is utilized in the cycle of the company.

You have to take a step to solve this problem. If you are making coffee in the office then, this is the time to oppose it. However, there is no harm in doing the less- risky work in the beginning. Once you will do good work, you will be allotted with work that is more significant.

Insufficient Compensation

When you opt for an internship, you think that you are being paid for some work only. When you will start working, you will experience that there are much work and pressure. However, in comparison to your work, you deserve much. Sometime you may feel that you and the employee are working the same hence, you are being paid so less.

You are there for a short tenure, and hence, you will be paid lesser than that of the employees. Your primary role as an intern is to learn new things. However, if you are unable to match your daily expenses, then you can ask for a raise from HR.

Co- interns Competition

You are not the only intern to work in a company. Your co-intern is also giving everything in the internship. Hence, you will experience a competitive environment. Instead of taking it for granted, try to work harder as your competition will make your internship much better.

Work harder and try to be noticed by the mentors to solve this problem. Try to make extra efforts instead of doing some random work as your co-intern. Do not focus only on completing your internship duration. Be active in the competition and make the most from your internship.

Engulfed with Work

Many organizations hire only handful interns. However, the work requires more interns. Hence, the few interns will have more workload as expected. There are times when you are given the work that is not even known to you. Therefore, this is one of the major challenges during internships.

Try to manage the things for a week or two. However, if you still face the problem than that to your mentor or leader about your performance and personal health affecting due to workload.

Considering all the challenges during internships, Arya College Jaipur prepares its students for the internships. Arya the best b tech, m tech, and MBA college helps the students to solve the problems during their internships.

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