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Career Options After MBA | Highest Paying Management Jobs

What is an MBA?

If a person wants to work in any business or make a career in a management role they should be holding an MBA degree that will prepare them to do so there are multiple specializations, some of which are Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT & Systems, International Business, Operations, Retail, Supply Chain, etc, Full form of MBA is Master of business administration.

Why Choose an MBA?

  • Salary increment
  • Better job opportunities
  • Mostly away from technical fields
  • Networking with the batchmate and alumni
  • Differentiate the resume
  • Start a business

Scope of MBA

It is a degree that prepares students to work in any business also the course aims to prepare managers and leaders of tomorrow Many MBA courses are available like Executive MBA, Full Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, etc.

Some of the common specializations are given below:-

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • IT and Systems
  • International Business
  • Operations
  • Healthcare and Hospital
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Analytics

Sales and Marketing Jobs:-

The job in this category is responsible for doing research and developing marketing opportunities, also responsible for planning and implementing new sales plans also you can get jobs like a Brand manager, Sales Manager, B2B Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, etc.

Salary Prospects: The annual salary range is anywhere between Rs. 3.5 – 18 lakhs and The salary increases with experience and can range between Rs. 15 – 40 lakhs p.a. 

Finance Jobs

Finance jobs do decision-making in a company, and they make decisions in areas such as Investment banking, Risk management, budget making, financial planning, and many more

It can turn you into a Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Accounting manager, Private Equity Associate, etc.

Salary prospects: Starting Salary is Rs 10 – 15 lakhs p.a. Candidates hailing from other institutes may earn a starting package of Rs 4 – 6 lakhs p.a, Mid-level professionals earn an annual package of Rs 20 – 30 lakh and senior-level can get Rs. 35 – 50 lakhs and even above per year.

Human Resource Jobs:-

Key responsibilities of an HR resource

  • Managing talent
  • Handling the compensation and employee benefits
  • Training new staff members
  • Ensuring workplace safety

Jobs can be given as HR Manager, HR Assistant, or Employee relations manager.

Salary prospects: Entry Level Salary of Rs 2.5 – 4 lakh p.a. However, For mid-level positions, the annual salary ranges between Rs. 10-18 lakhs, and senior-level professionals make nearly Rs. 25 – 40 lakhs p.a.

IT & Systems Jobs

These job profiles take care of an organization's hardware and software requirements and Jobs offered for this specialization usually are Project Manager, Product Manager, Business Analyst, etc.,

Salary Prospect:  The average salary of an IT manager is around 13 LPA, whereas entry-level candidates can get around 4.8 LPA also A system manager can earn between 2 LPA to 8 LPA based on their skills and years of experience.

Business Analytics Jobs

Need to Analyze data related to past or present using modern technology and refine the data This is performed to design future growth.

Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Analytics managers, BI Analysts, etc are jobs to be given after that.

Salary Prospects: Starting salary of Business Analytics professionals in India is Rs. 11 lakhs p.a. While freshers can make around Rs. 5 – 8 lakh p.a and experienced professionals in the field can earn between Rs. 10 – 18 lakhs p.a, and senior level can take Rs. 30 – 55 lakhs annually.

Operations Jobs

  • Forecasting
  • Design products
  • Handling supply chain processes
  • Managing inventory
  • Maintaining quality is some of the responsibilities that an operations job handles.

Jobs offered will be Business Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, etc.

Salary prospects: Starting salary will be between Rs. 4 – 7.5 lakhs, For mid-level professionals, can take Rs. 15 -20 lakhs and for senior-level professionals is Rs. 28 – 40 lakhs.

Retail Management Jobs

  • Day-to-day supervision is to be taken care of by Retail Management jobs
  • Staffing, Sales, and stock management
  • Retail Manager can be achieved

Salary Prospects:  Average Salary is 6-13LPA

MBA in International Business

It is a two-year-long post-graduation course that helps students learn how to run a global business If you aim to be a part of MNCs and learn more about international business, laws, policies, trade, and import regulations, then this is the course for you also There is ample Scope of MBA after the course as most businesses plan to expand their reach globally.

After that, they can be recruited for the international business consultant, export manager, international marketing manager positions, Global business manager, Logistics manager, or Foreign Exchange Trader.

Salary Prospect: Average Salary can be 2.7 LPA to 10 LPA.

MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management will train you to manage various managerial aspects of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare systems As the healthcare industry is one of the most booming industries worldwide, this course opens doors to extensive opportunities.

Some of the job roles offered after this course include Hospital CEO, Hospital Administrator, Product manager for medical device companies, Healthcare Associate, Hospital Operations Manager, and Health Insurence Manager.

Salary Prospect:  The average salary of a Hospital Administrator is around 4.8 LPA, while the maximum salary can also rise to 10 LPA based on the years of experience. An operations manager’s salary can range from 3.7 LPA to 10 LPA.

MBA in Luxury Brand Management

The course primarily teaches the know-how of the luxury industry and the principle concepts it follows to stay relevant and gain exposure and it has a great blend of entrepreneurial, managerial, and marketing skills crucial to keeping the luxury industry afloat also this course, you can get a job as a marketing analyst, retail strategist, merchandiser, business development officer, brand manager, operations manager, PR Specialist, etc.

Salary Prospects: Entry-level candidates can get an average of 3-5 LPA with this job, a brand manager earns an average of 8.8 LPA, whereas the entry-level average salary starts at around 6.6 LPA.

Career Options After MBA

There are so many Types of Career Options for in MBA

Project manager:- They are responsible for the smooth functioning of the project and Their duties include planning, supervising, and ensuring that the project is accomplished within the specified budget.

Business Analyst:-As a part of the business analyst's responsibilities, one has to evaluate business processes also Requirements have to be anticipated, improvement areas have to be identified, and solutions must be implemented accordingly also Meetings need to be conducted to share ideas along the process So Requirement analysis, documentation, and communication of results also form part of the responsibilities

Digital Marketing Manager

They Have some responsibilities:-

  • Digital marketing campaigns need to be planned also including web, social media, SEO/SEM emails, and display advertisements.
  • All digital channels have to be maintained.
  • Marketing tools and strategies must be strongly grasped to ensure this is achieved.
  • That should be able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from end to end.

Business Operations Manager:- Operation management is the most crucial part of any company and The main responsibility of a person assuming this role would be to ensure Quality.

Finance Manager:-Any company's further actions are dependent on financial health and Financial health can be measured using financial reports also These reports have to interpret by managerial staff while proposing a further course of action.

Investment planning, forming financial strategies, analyzing costs, prices, variable contributions, and results of sales, and comparing a company's actual performance to the business plans are some of the key responsibilities of a financial manager.

SAP Consultant

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Develop and configure customized SAP solutions.
  • Scripts and programs to create user-friendly interfaces and enhance functionalities.
  • Should be smooth system integration by deploying SAP solutions.
  • Resolve issues to optimize performance.
  • Provide SAP system support and end-user training.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A Business Intelligence analyst analyzes business data in greater detail, it is the key business data is broken into smaller units and This data is properly gathered, cleaned, and analyzed The data includes revenue, sales, market information, customer engagement metrics, etc., of a business, and Tools and data models are programmed to help visualize and monitor this data, some of the data is interpreted to find patterns or find scope for improvement in business practices also Market trends are analyzed to understand how the product needs to adapt according to market       

Product Manager

He has to improve the Product by customer expectations in his journey from its manufacture to sale invoice and beyond forms a key responsibility of a product manager, As part of a product manager's responsibilities, a product manager plays a negotiator communicator, leader, mediator, and importantly a coach who understands his team's weak and strong points.

HR Manager

HR Managers plan, coordinate and supervise the employment of new employees so they are a link to management and staff also they advise on strategic planning.

Private Equity Associate

They work directly with the client and understand their needs and This helps them provide the right direction to invest and maximize the returns to invest on behalf of their clients.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is responsible for guiding a sales team to do so While making strategic decisions, sales managers also analyze sales data and plan to increase sales.


There are so many Types of MBA Jobs after completing this course, if you pursue the course from a global university also You will get to explore a new market altogether and get to learn amazing skills.

Arya College of Engineering and IT teaches the same course MBA also it is a globally renowned and acclaimed degree that bears a promise of well-paying jobs, To ensure that you end up landing your dream job, you must identify which MBA specialization best fits your career goals.

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