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Career Opportunities in Civil Engineering

Job Opportunities For Civil Engineering Students

Civil engineering students have many options for jobs. They have many career options like working as a civil engineer, working in various industries, teaching or studying further. Arya College Jaipur is one of the best engineering colleges, which give better career opportunities to its students. Discussing the different job options for civil engineers will give them an idea of opportunities. Therefore, I am here to discuss some career options for the civil engineering field.

Jobs of Civil Engineering field

Contractor: The profession of the contractor is the mainline profession of the civil engineer. You can get the contracts of projects like constructing building, roads, bridges and many more if you have 2- 3 years experience.

Designing: Although, designing is not the mainstream profession of civil engineers. However, the civil engineers are efficient to do this work also. You can do this job if you want to work in the field and want to go to the office.

Public Sector Job

The students of civil engineering have the opportunity to serve the nation by joining the public sector jobs. These engineers can give the UPSC exams like the ESE, CSE.

The students can also prepare for the state government exam of Assistant Engineer and RRB (Railway Recruitment Board).

Industries for Civil Engineers

The civil engineers can get a job in some leading construction companies like Tata Projects, HCC, etc. Some of them are:

Bridge, Roads, and Building: The profession highly recommends civil engineers. The civil engineers thoroughly understand the structural functioning of the highway, mega buildings and small & big bridges.

Coastal and Beaches: There are times when the reconstruction of beaches or construction and maintenance of ports takes place. Other than that, the civil engineers will construct the structure and offshore farms, which will harness the power of the tidal waves.

Tunnels: The construction of the tunnels, shafts, railway stations, caverns, etc. demands civil engineers. It is not only the construction which demands engineers but, the maintenance of the place, cost and safety fall under the consideration of the civil engineers. While construction, the engineer should also take care of the nearby vegetation and environment.

Geotechnical Projects: The geotechnical projects fall under the area of specialization. They consider the data of the rocks, soil, boreholes and then find a way to assure the safety of the slopes. The geotechnical specialists are specialized in the investigation, overseeing and managing the onsite construction work.

Higher Educational Field

The students who are passionate about academics can teach in the college or they can study further. The options for further studies are:

M. Tech: The mechanical engineers can take admission in M Tech for higher education through the GATE exam. M. Tech will increase their demand in the job market. The students can do M. Tech either in mechanical engineering or in some other field of their interest.

Arya College Jaipur provides M Tech courses in Computer Science engineering, E & C engineering, and electrical engineering.

MBA: The engineers can switch their interest to MBA. The MBA will help them to gain the job in the leading MNCs. There are many fields in MBA like are Operation Management, Digital Marketing, Finance, and Marketing.

Arya College Jaipur is one of the best colleges for MBA aspirants. It has MBA courses like Human and Resources Development, Marketing, Finance and IT.

Abroad studies: Many students aspire to study in abroad. Therefore, if you want to study in abroad, you can give the exams of GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Law: Studying law will give you the opportunity to keep you associated with the field of construction. It is because if you are a civil engineer, no one will have better knowledge of construction than you will have.

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