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Career Opportunities for Engineering College Graduates in 2021

A Career Opportunity for Engineering Graduate

The first and the biggest reason to get an education is getting the right job in which aspirants of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur can make money and get a lifelong career. Though there are other important reasons, a job is the top priority for many. Due to this, educational programs provide a 100% job guarantee on the list of students. Admission for 100% job guarantee courses is always full owing to the fact that at the end of the course, students usually have a job in hand and start earning immediately after the course. Also, parents are more than happy when their children choose such courses.

In the new decade, many new industries have emerged as the best employers and they are constantly growing. Owing to their growth, these industries are in constant need of talented and qualified people. Therefore, if an individual gets an education related to these industries, they are bound to find a good job.

Here is information on the top career options that will provides a guaranteed job in 2021.

1. Business Analytics

This is one of the fastest rising industries today. Now, most of the top companies in the world uses business analytics to analyse past performance, review their progress, and make future plans. There are many careers in this that student of MBA Colleges in Jaipur can aim for and there are many courses as well.

All the top universities and higher education institutes or universities provide business analytics courses that are in-tune with the current industry trends. These courses are highly rated by experts and also include the use of the best business analytics tools. From being a developer to being an analyst, there are a few lucrative careers that are in high demand the world over.

2. Website Development Courses

Businesses have to be online and to be online, they must have a website. Developers from Top Engineering Colleges in India are professionals who make websites for businesses to be online. These websites can be simple, and dynamic. Also, some websites can generate revenues for the business. Hence, web development is one of the most important courses to learn for a guaranteed job in a high digitized world of 2021.

There are many engineering colleges that offer website development courses along with the computer languages that can be used for website development. Be sure to choose a course that teaches the trendiest languages, as computer languages for web development can become redundant. There are diploma and degree courses. It helps you learn web development matters a lot. Web developers get jobs quite easily as this profession is in demand and one can offer freelance services as well.

3. Software Development/IT

India is a country that is popular across the globe for software and IT services. Therefore, there are many software and IT-related courses are offered by all the top public and private universities. These courses are the best ways to get a job in the ever-growing software and IT industry of the country.

As students of Top Computer Science Engineering Colleges may be aware that innovation and development is a daily occurrence in the software and IT industry. Therefore, look for courses that are in-tune with the latest happening in the industry. Degree and diploma courses have value and offers job 100%, but a degree course from a good university is highly recommended. Also, an individual can look for courses that teach management as well to get better paying in the industry.


Probably the best courses to do after graduation, MBA courses are an excellent way to get a job in the management sector of any business. This course can be done only after graduation. In the courses, students of Best BTech colleges in Jaipur have to choose a specialization in which they will most likely make their career.

MBA courses should be done only from AICTE approved institutes. These courses have value in the professional world and will fetch their desired job and salary package. Management courses are the most sought-after courses. Despite the high fee tag, these courses offer a complete value for money as they will get them the highest paying jobs in the top companies in the country.

5. Hardware & Networking

Software and IT cannot function without hardware and networking. Therefore, hardware and networking courses are high in demand, as these hardworking and networking professionals find jobs quite easily in the country’s burgeoning IT industry. Hardware is all about the physical components in a computer and other similar products. Networking is about creating local area and wide area networks in personal or professional use.

Hardware and networking courses are offered by many universities, and private engineering colleges in Jaipur. Therefore, they have to be the judge which is the right place to do these courses. Hardware and networking courses are not expensive and will land them a job right after finishing the course.

6. Data Science & Big Data

With just one single transaction or a few actions done on the internet, a single user generates a large amount of data that can be studied and used for analytics. This data is called big data, and its study and use are known as data science. These courses are associated to each other and business analytics, but each of them is so vast they are divided into separate specializations.

Data science courses are all based on understanding what students of top engineering college in Jaipur can do with data and design datasets modules to extract specific results. Big data courses teach them how to collect, collate and understand the vast amount of data that is generated. We are living in a data-centric world, and a course in data science or big data will put them on a fast track to a great career.

7. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is set to be the most popular medium of marketing. Businesses are transforming to digital marketing because the costs are less, and the results can be measured allowing to change or modify marketing strategies. Also, digital marketing transcends geographical limitations making it ideal for companies to outsource to cheaper locations.

In a digital marketing course, students of BTech colleges in Jaipur will learn about SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media Marketing and many other such aspects. They can even choose one of them to specialise or they can learn about it all and become a digital marketer. Also, they can combine a management degree with digital marketing to give themselves the edge.

8. Engineering

Engineering courses have been one of the oldest favourites in terms of 100% job guarantee. No matter what stream students of private engineering colleges choose in engineering, they will find a job the next day they become an engineer such is the demand for engineers in our country. India is a growing country and will continue to require the services of engineers.

There was a time when engineering courses had lost their significance, but now many students are opting for BTech and MTech courses to give their careers a much-needed boost. There are many engineering and technical education colleges, make sure you choose a course from an AICTE approved college.

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