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Business analysis trends for MBA graduates

What is the future of a business analyst?

The business analyst within the company constantly looks for opportunities, waste, and inefficiency in production and processes. MBA graduates in business analyst jobs might work in a separate department, or work within other departments like Marketing or Finance to specialize in a particular performance need. They have access to data and need to analyze it into digestible charts to present to management. Often, this data comes with proposed suggestions on how to act on trends that the business analyst has discovered.

What can you expect from a business analyst job?


Most business analyst job descriptions require a bachelor's degree, though a master's degree is often preferred. In some cases, a company will overlook a lack of a bachelor's degree if the candidate has significant experience to make up for it. There are some majors that employers will look for when filling a business analyst position.

  1. Statistics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Business Administration
  4. Business Management
  5. Finance

Most business analysts of Top MBA Colleges use specific tools that are unique to the company and are not taught in school. Candidates can expect an employee training period, and even a probationary period of three to six months, before consider a full-time employee.


Employers look for a specific skill set when they hire a candidate for a business analyst role because it is easier to train employees on new software and tools than it is to teach logical thinking and strategic planning. Here are a few soft and hard skills business analysts need when applying for jobs. It includes Google Analytics, Coremetrics, or Omniture. They are used by most businesses to analyze site performance.

Projected Growth

The study conducts on the business analyst course. However, it states a growth rate of 19 percent between 2014 and 2024. This should lead to a predicted 495,500 jobs, which is significantly faster growth than most positions and industries in different countries. This data suggests a strong need and opportunities for business analysts looking to advance their careers.

Career Trajectory

Business analysts that work hard and show dedication to helping the business and improving its processes can promote analytics manager or senior analyst. These team members often manage business analysts and decide what projects they are going to focus on and when.

Business analysts industry might eventually leave the analysis part of the company and become managers of other departments. However, their intricate knowledge of how the company works makes them uniquely qualified to lead the business and make decisions on their own.

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