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Building the five C’s of the future workplace

Unlock skills for the modern workplace

With businesses focusing less on the organization itself, and more on its people, students of Top MBA Colleges preparing for the world of work that needs to develop the right skills. However, it requires for modern and future workplaces. There are five essential skills for the modern workplace.


Robots outperform humans when it comes to routine and repetitive tasks. But creativity is naturally human. It is the creativity of the students of Engineering Colleges that invented robots. This creativity will shape the future of the world. Research in a variety of industries has shown that creativity and successful innovation can only flourish when senior leaders of organizations purposefully design an environment. However, it allows teams to experiment, fail and explore new approaches.

Creativity is not only a mysterious talent that only a few possess but as a skill that can be harnessed and provides market value. This happens only if leaders show support for trying new things, provide the resources for experimentation, and measure new innovations differently to the core set of business standards.


In the present time, businesses built on standardization, hierarchies, and economies of scale. The successful businesses of the future will be built on innovation and ideas. However, most of the companies have flattened out by about 25% over the past 25 years. Layers of management have been shed in favor of a grid-like structure where ideas flow along crisscrossing paths.

Critical thinking

In a world where information is at the fingertips, the ability to critically analyses information is of great importance. Critical thinking is not an automatic thought process and skills. This skill will help students of MBA Colleges in Jaipur to learn not to make decisions based on personal biases or irrational emotions. Critical thinking involves a sense of collaboration and getting feedback from others.


Good communication skills are imperative in the future world of work where teams are diverse and spread out across the globe. SMSs, Skype and emails are no longer good enough. However, they consider closed technology ecosystems. Students of Best MBA College in Jaipur consider open communication and cross-collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts and Facebook’s Workplace.


Curiosity helps students of Top Engineering Colleges and institutions find the problems they need to solve for customers. Employees should encourage spending more time in their customers’ shoes, and understanding their experiences and values.

When leaders create an environment of curiosity, innovation naturally follows. It is found that some of the best entrepreneurs are curious and creative thinkers. However, curious people naturally look beyond the present situation of the company and can imagine possible futures. Also, they drive to go out and grab them by actively seeking solutions.

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