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Books that every Engineer must read

Books for Engineers

Engineering and Writing are completely different professions, but both jobs have one common thing. They carry an intricate relationship between these two distant realms. On one hand, writing, an art where the writers put their thoughts on the piece of paper that called books. That keeps the sanity and knowledge of the soul in check in the humans. Similarly, engineers of top engineering colleges shape out beautiful monuments, powerful machines, and mobile phones. Also, they provide shelter, entertainment, and many more things to our outer self.

Books are a blessing to humankind. As an engineer of Top Engineering College in Rajasthan, when you embrace yourself with the world of books, you will surely be able to create the best ideas from your area of expertise. So engineers must read some of below mentioned books.

Engineer to Win

The book “Engineer to win” written by the legendary high- performance Formula 1 racer, Caroll Smith. An excellent read for engineers of Top B Tech Colleges who have the zeal to build the fastest cars. The book is very engaging, also it appropriately explores the art behind the crafting of the racing car. This book is one of the top books to read.

This book is a treasure for an engineering student or a professional who aspires to build their future in the world of racing cars. Engineer to win will guide students of Engineering Colleges on how to achieve world-class results and remain committed to it for their entire engineering career.

Introduction to Flight

If students of Top B Tech Colleges interested in understanding the intricacies of aeronautical engineering, then this excellent book, written by John D. Anderson right fit for them. So, this book explains everything about aeronautical and aerospace engineering in simple words.

It easily blends history and biography with a discussion of various engineering concepts and presents the development of modern-day aircraft through this perspective. An Introduction to Flight also explores different aspects of aviation like an unmanned air vehicle, application of CFD, and uninhabited combat aerial vehicles.

The seven habits of highly effective people

This book is a masterpiece which is written by Stephen Covey in a very simple style. Students of Engineering Colleges in India can easily get into the depth of the subject. This book is not only limited to the engineering graduates but for everyone who wants to be a master in their field.

The simple tips and tricks described in this book are phenomenal, and if engineering graduates will follow them patiently, they can actually start to see the difference in their life in a very short period of time. This book lays down some easy challenges for readers to take a tour of their fundamental knowledge. Also, it essentially teaches you to master your basics so that you can tackle advanced skills easily.

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

The absolute masterpiece book is written by American author Steven Pressfield that beautifully paves the way to clear out the roadblock to creativity. Engineering is a profession that demands a lot of imaginative and innovative approaches to design and builds something new and different.

This book should be on a must-read list of every student of Top Engineering Colleges in India. It will help them to enhance their skills, widen their vision, and allow them to experience the world from a different angle altogether.

The Four Hour Chef

It might be extraordinary for the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan to see a book title that sounds like a cookbook. By going through this book, one can get an idea of the engineering world from an entirely different perspective.

The book is written by Timothy Ferris and it basically revolves around the "4-Hour" themes of self-improvement, self-actualization, and the skill of learning new things through the lens of cooking. It will elevate your learning abilities and teach you how to stay healthy and fit in demanding work pressure.

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down

This book, written by J. E. Gordon. It is simple and straightforward, giving answers to some of the trickiest questions like what keeps the bridges stable or what makes some monuments so impressive and so on.

As an engineer of top engineering colleges, they will surely find this book an interesting read. As it will help them in easing their anxiety by giving answers to the meaningful questions. The book suggests some of the confusing technical terms that explained by the author in an engrossing manner.

Introduction to Algorithms

This excellent book is for all the computer engineering graduates who want to learn the fundamentals of algorithms. Introduction to Algorithms provides a perfect understanding of the vast range of algorithms in depth. Every topic in this book concise and self-contained that can be studied into parts. This book, simple and precisely written and can come in handy to all levels of readers.

The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

The Existential Pleasures of Engineering is a book that explains the role of engineering in the lives of everyone. The book compiled by Samuel C. Florman. It elaborates on how engineers play an important role in the lives of people around the world.

Also, it explains the emotions of engineers of the Best Engineering Colleges. How they feel and think about their profession. This book also busts the myth about the profession that it is cold and passionless. If you aspire to spend 30+ years of your life into this profession, you must consider reading this great compilation at least once in your life.

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