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Benefits and Challenges of the Paperless Classroom

Why traditional classrooms are boycotted?

New technology is significantly making its way into the classroom in order to improve the learning experiences. Many schools and colleges like Arya College use mobile devices and computers in the classroom to enhance the academic performance of the students. This technological use can create a paperless classroom. The different approaches include using iPads in place of books, paper and pens, and supplementing the iPads with Blackboard software along with the overhead projector.

The benefits of technology

There are many benefits of the paperless classroom. It can apply to both teachers and students.

  1. It does not require any physical paper that can be lost or forgotten and that may perish over time. Teachers do not require making photocopies of each handout. It is a very tedious task. Rather than this, a document can be uploaded to the blackboard and allow students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur to access the documents using their iPad’s.
  2. All lecture notes, textbooks and all other work of the students can be stored easily on iPad’s. Teachers can upload the content and the course material that enable students to access the same at anywhere anytime or can interact with the teachers by email. Depending on the family situation, efficiency, learning style, commute, etc. students have different amounts of study time.
  3. When presenting in a traditional classroom, the mentors tend to be at the front of the class. It allows them to write on the board or scroll through Powerpoint slides. The usage of iPad’s mirroring function allows its screen to project it on the projection screen. This is the greatest advantage for the teachers of the List of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. They can walk around freely while presenting information on the whiteboard.
  4. Students may enjoy working with educational apps on the iPad especially when the course schedule allows. Also, they can use the apps to practice spelling and vocabulary-building exercises.

The challenges in a paperless classroom

Apart from the benefits, there are some drawbacks of the paperless classroom at Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.

  1. Teachers usually find it difficult to set up the student’s iPad, as it takes a few hours of class time.
  2. While downloading an educational application, a lot of time gets consume due to which students forget passwords or being unable to find the app in question.
  3. Students of B Tech College in Jaipur sometimes forget to charge their iPads and most of them come to class with a low battery. Although providing chargers in the classroom could solve this problem, but the available plug sockets may be limited. Not all students have easy access to the internet at home. This also considers by teachers and administrators.
  4. Although students might feel excited to study on iPad, the initial novelty and student engagement with the device can be temporary. Students can also often tempt to use social media and play games, which make keeping them on-task a challenge due to the distractions the iPad present.


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