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Become more productive with Best Engineering Colleges

Overcome with the productivity myths

Productivity is a central issue in the life of every worker or a student of Best Engineering Colleges. As you strive to get more things done in shorter time periods, many of us may fall victim to some of the common productivity myths. Most of them actually create a negative impact on your work. Under mentioned are some common myths to help the students becoming more productive.

Productivity is about getting things done faster

Today’s hectic and over-stimulate world can cause you to be busy, and multi-taskers, in an attempt to increase productivity and life satisfaction. When students of the B Tech College in Jaipur think of productivity, they think of efficiency getting more things in less time. While efficiency is important, it is secondary. More important than efficiency is effective in doing the right things. Efficiency doesn’t matter if you are doing the wrong things in the first place.

Take enough sleep

Students of top 5 engineering colleges in Jaipur should sleep between seven and eight continuous hours a day as an adult. Yet, the assumption that an eight-hour block of sleep is the ideal or norm may be a myth. The truth is, the amount of sleep requires for optimal functioning depends on individual needs and that the right amount of sleep is different for everyone. Depending on the season, your mood or the previous day, you might need more or less sleep to be productive the next day.

Multitasking is for super achievers

Multitasking is a curse of productivity. When too much is going on at the same time everything slows down. Also, work quality suffers, concentration deteriorates and everyone starts to feel overwhelming. The idea of focusing on one task at a time may seem irritating to Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Especially when enthusiasm gets in the way, but it’s vital.

Not taking breaks makes you productive

Large workloads, tight deadlines and Long hours of study, not only affect the mental capacity and performance of the students of the top engineering colleges in Rajasthan but their physical health too. Taking small amounts of time out from your study can help you to relax and recover both physically and mentally. If you are sitting in front of the computer screen for long periods then eyestrain, headaches, and even blurred vision could become a problem. This is known as computer vision syndrome. It’s not something you want if you’re trying to concentrate and remain the focus.

Daydreaming: Not being productive

Students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur like to stay busy and hardly have time to spare for boredom or daydreaming. In fact, all of these are essential to our mental health and help us organize the information acquired during the day. They recharge our brains and power our productivity. A study reveals that these moments of idleness can actually help you focus.


In conclusion, people will always try to find shortcuts and hacks to make their working life easier, and some will prove to be useful. But in the end, you’ll take control of your own productivity by identifying your biggest goals. Once you identify it, you’ll be halfway to your next giant accomplishment.

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