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Become an asset to your organization with an MBA in HR

Requirements for the human resources MBA program

In increasing information and the intelligence-driven world, products or services are no longer the key differentiators. In the 21st century, intangible assets or intangible capital with an MBA in HR are becoming mere enablers only. It includes intellectual capital, goodwill, and human capital with products and services

The evolving role of Human Resources

HR Managers from Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur can become the key custodians of human capital in any organization. It has a much larger and complex role to play now when compared to the past. It basically divides into three levels:

  1. The activity Level - HR Managers must manage a whole lot of transactional activities such as Recruitment, Termination, Transfer, Appraisal, etc.
  2. The Functional Level - HR Managers must collaborate with other department heads to gather department data, analyze the same, and implement an HR strategy.
  3. The Strategic Level - HR Managers must understand the complexities of the business, and how it is impacted by people and their performance.

HR Managers from Best MBA College in Jaipur assesses on their ability to:

  1. Understand the customer, the competition and market factors that affect the organization.
  2. Brainstorm, influence and contribute to strategic initiatives and decision-making.
  3. Adapt quickly, and enable transformation in the organization.
  4. Manage or influence the organization’s people culture.

Designed for success

The MBA Program at MBA Colleges in Jaipur offers in a flexible learning mode. However, the Program aims to impart knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of Human Resource Management like recruitment, training & development, HR planning & audit. Also, it includes performance measurement & reward systems, leadership & change management, and organization development. Students prepare with skills, knowledge and strategic perspectives essential to take up HR positions in Indian or abroad.

Four stages of the program

  1. Aspirants get to learn Principles and Practices of Management, Economics, Accounting & Finance, and Marketing Management.
  2. The student dives deep into Management concepts such as IT & Systems in Management, Business Environment and Law, Operations and Organizational Behavior.
  3. Candidates get into various aspects of HRM with topics such as Recruitment, Training and Development, Performance Measurement, Change Management, etc.
  4. These learnings are consolidated with topics such as HR Planning and Audit, Strategic HRM, Business Policy & Strategy, Business Ethics, and Corporate Governance.


In conclusion, the in-depth examination of Human Resource Management will help aspirants of Top 10 MBA Colleges in Jaipur think like the head of the organization, and implement sweeping changes in the organization, which will not only be desirable but also critical for future business environments.

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