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Be an Ace in First Year Studies

Now the time has come when we are moving from school to college and it is like the coming of age phenomenon for us. For most of the engineering students, the journey from the adolescence to our adulthood or we can say, from the school boy to the college dudes is generally full of several challenges and some great learning experience. The reason behind this has to be the extreme tough screening and selection process for engineering students. There is the majority of engineering students who have to go through the national or state level entrance exams like JEE Mains or JEE Advanced. We can say that there is the tough competition for us as number of engineering seats is limited to offer in comparison to engineering aspirants. So we have to prepare and study hard to excel in the first year of college. So here are some tips for making it through our first year of engineering more than just alive:

Focus on smart study:

In the engineering colleges, the first and biggest factor we would face is the sheer amount of work involved. This may be the tough bridging step for us from school to university. So there is lot of study to go through. We need to become more efficient for this and should focus on the relevancy of the course. The past tests and exams can be helpful for us along with the type of questions by our lecturers. We should not spend our time to study something that consist a minuscule portion of marks.

Identify our learning type:

The engineering is the field which really test our ability to learn. There is a huge amount of information to garb. So we should aware about our type of learning as every person learns in the different manner such as writing down the data or by listening carefully etc. if we find ourselves a great listener, then we should record ourselves talking our notes through and play them back. So we all are different and find our own way of study.

Grab it, Grab it, and Grab it:

The moment we know the best method for us to learn, we should remember these above lines. Generally a lecturer will teach us a concept with some examples but it is up to us how we brush up on these skills and shine in our exams with great marks. Numerous students struggle in engineering as they do not spend their time in understanding concepts from the root. Home Page

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