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Basics of Computer Science Engineering – Interview Questions

Computer Science Engineering – Interview Questions

Computer science is one of the most lucrative field in the today’s working environment. But before entering into the field, you have to go through with the application process. Therefore, there is a great need to prepare you for the most common computer science interview questions.

Overview of Computer Science

With the rapid growth in the tech industry, the CS industry has become the most popular career choice for the students of Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. Common roles that most of the Computer Science graduates apply for includes Computer Science Engineer, IT Software Developer, Computer Science-IT Engineer, Software Development Engineer, and Applications Engineer.

Computer Science is one of the top-earning degrees for undergraduates among engineering, math, science, and business. The CS graduate can earn an average salary of $50-$130k per year. In this field, an individual can also have lots of growth potential as computer scientist salaries are known to increase dramatically year over year.

Technical Computer Science Interview Questions

Performing well in a technical interview defines the difference between getting hired or getting passed over. To qualify the interview process, there are certain tips and suggestions for the students of Computer Science Engineering Colleges. Some common computer science questions that can help an individual to perform well in their next interview.

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In a computer science interview, your answers to the general and technical questions are the major factors that helps you in selecting your role. Most of the questions for the graduates of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur will be based on coding, operating systems, programming languages, computer hardware and software, and other computer system topics. These sorts of questions can establish baseline knowledge.

Some similar technical interview questions include the following:

Which programming languages do you prefer and why?

This is a very basic question and an individual must know that there is no right answer to it. If the role students of private engineering colleges Rajasthan are applying to requires knowledge of a certain language, they can mention some things like about that specific language. You can mention the language you prefer and give the reason for your preference for the same.

What is a class and a super class?

The answer to this question and others should be at the tip of your tongue. The answer for this question can be done in the format. It says that a class defines the blueprint to create the class objects. For instance, the characteristics of an object, and what methods and variables is related with it. On the other hand, a super class refers to the direct class under consideration.

What’s the difference between Process and Thread?

The concept of a process and thread may seem similar. Both are independent sequences of execution. You can answer this question like a process is a program in execution. Thread is a segment of a process which means a process can have multiple threads.

What is a constructor?

In object-oriented programming, a constructor is a special method of a class or a structure that initializes an object of that type. The answer of this question is like a constructor consists of methods used to prepare or create an object of a class. A default constructor accepts arguments to set required variables of member. Most of the CS interview questions for the students of the list of engineering colleges Jaipur covered above will revolve around similar concepts.

If an individual is into an in-person interview, the interviewer might ask them to answer questions on a whiteboard. These whiteboard interview questions often ask them to solve programming problems in real time. However, in a phone interview, the focus will be on the delivery of their understanding of concepts and their application.

Behavioural Interview Questions

Preparing for a computer science interview do not let the hiring manager assume, as they can only ask the technical questions. Behavioural interview questions have become an important part of the hiring process at most companies. The purpose of the behavioural questions let the employer understand the results they have achieved in their past work experience. For instance, the interviewer might ask general questions as well. They are as follows:

  1. What are your greatest and overall strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Describe a situation when you would seek help on something you did not understand. Then, describe a situation when you would find the solution on your own and Why?
  3. Why are you leaving your current role?
  4. Why are you applying for this job role?
  5. How do you handle multiple projects at a time?

Review your resume several times before the interview so that students of BTech Colleges can answer any questions related to the resume as well.

Ask Questions of Your Own

The hard part is over for your computer science engineering interview. However, many people do not tend to pay much attention. Therefore, students of top btech colleges can show the interviewer that you are interested in the position and were attentive throughout the interview process.


Interview preparation is quite a daunting task. It requires lots of time and dedication. This works especially when it comes to preparing for computer science interviews. Each company has a different way of interviewing for the job. An individual can look at sample interview questions for the role on sites. This way, engineering candidates can get a sense of what kinds of questions could come your way.

Besides, make sure to follow up on the hiring process after the interview. If an individual does not hear back from the hiring manager in a few days, they should contact them and ask for updates. This shows them that they are still interested in the position and are someone who knows how to take initiative.

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