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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Workshop on UI/UX Designs Methodologies under AIC

In the 21st Century, with the technological advancement, everybody wants to experience the best technology without spending too much of their time and exhausting their busy brain so we organize a workshop on UIUX Design Methodologies. The same goes for surfing the websites or mobile applications as well where the quick and efficient website or the mobile application responds along with the successful outcomes it obtains. In short, it is about the consumers nowadays! But when it comes to the mobi... Read More

Arya 1st Alumni: Punit Jain became the Entrepreneur at Young-Age

Being a leader in any capacity is not easy, but being an effective leader in a self-managed environment is especially difficult. Passion and Dedication plays an important part in the success of a person, only you need to Push your limits and suffocate in your comfort zone. Arya College Alumni: Punit Jain also follows the same path and become one of the early-age entrepreneurs all over India. He belongs to a family in Sikar, Rajasthan which does business across various sectors like Pharmaceutical... Read More

Avinash Kumar: MBA Student selected in Indian Coast Guard

In an individual’s life, the challenge is the biggest part where a person could work and achieve success. There are different challenges in the lives of different persons. If you will face it, then only you could open new doors in your life, as there is no limit to the success. A student can work hard and struggle to achieve their desired goals and success in life. This challenge is accepted by the MBA (Final Year) student, Avinash Kumar from Arya College of Engineering and IT. He has c... Read More

Arya Rotaract College Club

Arya Rotaract Club is an integral part of the institution and is regularly involved in organizing multiple activities around the year for the overall development of the students and strengthening the value system of the upcoming youth. It also makes them aware of their responsibility towards the humanity and the social well-being. Arya College has started Cancer Awareness Program for the students and the Faculty Members to make them aware of this dreaded disease and the preventive measures that ... Read More

Arya College: Top 10 in Smart India Hackathon

Smart India Hackathon was the non-stop digital product development competition, where problems are posed to technology students for innovative solutions. It aims at increasing creativity and expertise and provides the opportunity to the students to find crowdsources solutions that can improve the governance and the Quality of life of the people. Keeping this in mind, Students of Computer Science Department of Arya College has participated in Smart India Hackathon Organized by Government of In... Read More

Arya College is Organizing National Motivational Lecture by Shri Pawan Sinha

Motivational Lecture by Shri Pawan Sinha (ASTRO UNCLE) Engineering education includes Scientific, Technological and technical aspects. It is essential to understand the importance of different fields of engineering. For this, Arya College of Engineering and IT is going to organize a National Motivational Lecture by Shri Pawan Sinha in the guidance of Mahamana Malviya Mission on 31st March 2018 at Arya 1st Old Campus. He is well-known as Astro-Uncle among the youth. He believes that “Spirit... Read More

Best Speaker in Stump Orator (Thar'18) from Arya College

Communication skills are no longer an added bonus; they’re a necessity. When a student reaches a platform after his/her engineering, they need to communicate to people in the market to create and maintain the balance for the smooth running of their business. Communication plays a significant role in today’s advanced generation. Read Also: ACEIT achieved Third position in Crazy Stick (Thar’18) With this thought, a Competition of Stump orator has been organized by Rajasthan Te... Read More

Arya College arranged Industrial Visit at Dainik Bhaskar

Education is the important factor in the developing country like India. It requires both practical and theoretical knowledge for the students. Both Private and Government Colleges and Schools are focusing on Industrial visits as it adds value learning method for the students especially management and engineering students. Today’s Learning is limitless. It does not restrict itself to textbooks, lectures or other study materials. For all work-processes and business functions, Practical hands... Read More

Arya Alumni in Indian Super League

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. This passion is followed by the passed-out student of Electronics and Communication Department of Arya College of Engineering and IT. After completing his graduation from the college, Aman Jha worked with various companies & joined Kyazoonga as Manager-Business Operations in April’17. Kyazoonga has its operations in India,... Read More

Arya College is Organizing India's Largest Media Hackathon

The changing technology has changed the scenario of entire World. We have become paralyzed without technologies as these inventions and inventions are impacting our lives in numerous ways. People have started spending their maximum time with Digital technologies. There are various surveys that define consumer usage patterns across digital media channels and platforms. Read Also: Arya organized Jaipur Street Karting Cup For this, Arya College of Engineering and IT is organizing India's ... Read More

ACEIT won in Code Matrix (Thar’18)

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. – Steve Jobs Technical Education and practice is significant for every engineering aspirant who could be achieved through various competitions, Seminars and Workshops at different levels. Recently, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota has organized Thar’18 which was the Three-Days National Level Technical Fest. Thar was the festivity of technical innovations a... Read More

Arya College is Organizing Mahindra Auto Quotient

Engineering education is a vast area that allows students to explore and enhance different skills. Every year, there is the Auto Quotient Quiz Competition organized by Mahindra & Mahindra in association with NDTV. It is considered as India’s biggest Auto Quiz which is running since last 8 years. This year, Arya College of Engineering and IT has taken an initiative of presenting Auto Quotient Season 9 at Arya 1st Old Campus on 23rd March 2018 between 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. 400 teams ar... Read More

Three Days State Level Thar'18 Event

Engineering education requires practical experience and exposure to the growth and development of the individual, society and the nation. There are different events which allow students or aspirants to attain and achieve expertise. Similarly, THAR embarked with the vision of creating a platform where the future technocrats get to showcase their innovative ideas, it is where theory gets tempered with reality to reach marvels in technology. The event was organized between 9th March to 11th March 2... Read More

Arya College is Organizing Faculty Development Program

For the improvement of teaching skills in higher education, Faculty Development Programs plays a significant role. These programs help to continue to adapt to the growing responsibilities of faculty members and carry out more rigorous program evaluations. Faculties must support the learning of those students with diverse learning needs, and develop curricula and teaching strategies appropriate for a wide range of learning environments. For this, Arya College of engineering and IT is going to org... Read More

National Level Techno-Exhibition cum Competition

College festivals are the great platform to provide exposure and engagement among students. Students learn a lot in the short span of time during the events and it will become life-long memories for them to look back and remind their college life. There are several events organized by different colleges. It is important for the learner to participate and exhibit their skills and potential. Thar is one of the brilliant event or workshops that are popular across the nation. Colleges from all over ... Read More

Arya Incubation Centre

The growth and development of our country lie on entrepreneurs. It has become significant to develop a feeling of entrepreneurship among students from the very start of their education. Students should be equipped with the entrepreneurship skills through different promotion schemes and programs like Incubators at the College Campus. So, Arya College of Engineering and IT under the Department of Computer Science and IT present Arya Incubation Centre on 10th March at Arya 1st Old Campus. The ev... Read More

NCRISC-2018: Second International Conference

With the growing age of the modern world, the education world and its pattern are also changing. Due to continuous progress in the country, it has become significant the world of education could reach students or young generation in different ways or methods so that they can be prepared for the future. The young generations are the leaders, teachers, inventors, or the businessman (women) of tomorrow. For this, they require proper skills and knowledge other than their academic education so that t... Read More

Arya College Organized Victory-2018

The college functions are the part and parcel of college co-curricular activities. They are celebrated with lots of pomp and grandeur. Our college holds many functions every year. These functions provide a sort of diversion from studies to the students. The 17th Annual Day Celebration and Prize Distribution ceremony at Arya College was one of these functions, which was organized “Victory 2018” at Arya 1st Old Campus on 24th February 2018. The event has motivated students and refreshe... Read More

Arya College Organized Alumni Meet 2018

Alumni of every institute define the stature of an institute. The College foundation provides a better platform and education to the students so that they can achieve higher degree of success in their lives and career. What took months of planning and diligent execution was finally ready to welcome the alumni. To motivate students, Arya College of Engineering and IT has organized Alumni Meet 2018 on 24th February, 2018 at Arya 1st Old Campus. This event aims to bring together students and the Al... Read More

Arya college has organized Faculty Development Program for enhancing employability

In today’s time, the large number of faculty members has good expertise and knowledge in specific fields or areas. It is important for them to explore and expose their talents and skills for the benefit of the students. Keeping this in mind, Arya college of Engineering and IT is organizing Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Delegates Workshop and Faculty Development Program on Enhancing Employability on 15th February, 2018 at Arya 1st Old Campus. The college faculty members are required to... Read More

Arya College organized Startup and Incubation Lecture for ECE

In India, growth and development is the key factor to attract the economy and infrastructure for the sake of the society as a whole. Our world is technologically and scientifically increasing with the fast pace. So, it has become important to aware each and every individual about the science, technologies and related innovations. Read Also: Arya’s Proud – Avinash: Working for disable students Keeping this in mind, Arya College of Engineering and IT has organized a one-day semin... Read More

Arya College expertise in Hybrid Car Championship

India is a developing nation where a single step of an individual can be seen as a big initiative for the betterment of the society. Keeping this in mind, an event has been organized by Imperial Society of Engineers at Galgotias University or Buddha International Circuit located at Gr. Noida between 17th to 22nd January, 2018. Read Also: Arya’s Proud – Avinash: Working for disable students The event includes 190 teams in which Arya College of Engineering and IT has also partici... Read More

Arya College is organizing SAE NIS Student Convention 2018

For every engineering aspirant, a great range of motivation and exposure is important. It allows the students to innovate their ideas in more creative ways. Engineering education requires developing different kinds of skills at large platform so that they could reach to masses. By keeping this in mind, Arya College of Engineering and IT is going to organize SAE NIS Student convention in association with Northern Section of The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility on 16th February, 2018 und... Read More

National Level Project Competition cum Exhibition at Arya

In today’s life, almost every aspect is impacted by the development of technologies through young and professionals engineers who dedicated their years in creating best resources for the society and the nation. But it is important to showcase their designs and construction, which is possible through exhibitions, held at different levels i.e. National or International. Read Also: Save the Girl Child Campaign at Arya For this, Arya College of engineering and IT has organized two-day Na... Read More

Arya has Organized a Seminar on Incubation and Startup Interaction

In today’s time, it is not a great deal if the engineer builds and innovate new things. In real world, Gadgets from sci-movies have taken control over the people completely with various social networking and mobile devices. It has transformed the technologies to mainstream sources. Our engineers have more innovative and continually changing ideas that use powerful computers to disseminate their ideas and thoughts. So, it is important for the budding engineers to attain exposure for their s... Read More