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  • Posted October 13, 2023

Prof. S.N. Bose Event

-: Rules & Regulations: -

For class VI-VIII: Students are encouraged to visit the exhibition and other events in the programs

C.  For class IX-XII:

Essay writing:

1. They have to write a hand-written essay based on the life of Prof. S.N. Bose and his work in 800 words (Hindi / English).

2. They have to submit the A4 scanned pages in a single pdf file by uploading it to given button.

3. Plagiarism will be checked during evaluation.


Quiz Competition:

1. They have to participate in Quiz Competition.

2. They have to register and submit their form at the given button.


Poster making competition:

  1. Student need to bring a self-drawn poster based on life and work of Prof. S.N. Bose in a minimum of 55X70 cm chart to the event venue for exhibition.
  2. Poster should be colored and hand made.
  3. Upload the photo of the poster at the given button.


Written multiple choice quiz:

  1. There will be a 30 minutes written quiz-test based on Prof. S.N. Bose and other eminent Indian scientist of India at the venue.

D. For School / College students (UG and PG): Project Model or Innovation event:

  1. Students are invited with their models or innovations where their work will be judged by the jury to decide the winner.
  2. They need to register their entry before 11th Oct. 2023. Upload the photo of the model/innovation at the given button.


-: Instructions :-

  1. Participants need to bring their school/college/institute ID Card with them
  2. Each student can participate in maximum3 out of 4 events.
  3. Participant will need to write his/her name, class roll no. at one corner of poster/essay/quiz/project.
  4. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes will be given for each event separately
  5. Decision of judges will be ?nal.
  6. The last date to submit entries 11th Oct. 2023

-: Contact Persons:-

Er. Prashant Mathur
+91 9829017274
Er. Kamal Rao
+91 7849826156
+91 8233268969
Er. Navdeep Dhaliwal
+91 9887692923
Er. Sourabh Gaur
+91 7977790833
Er. Shyam Dhakar
+91 9694250344