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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

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Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Arya College of Engineering and IT

Arya College Jaipur - prepares for future challenges

The 20th century is possibly the most exciting era in history. New scientific innovations are taking place at a breath-taking pace, irrevocably changing the way we survive by efforts and correspond. The horizons are expanding, even as the world is shrinking. However, in today’s borderless world, whatever is happening thousands of miles away inextricably link to you. The time is also among the most challenging times.

Here then, is what the flagship institutions, Arya College of Engineering & IT aim to do. Arya College is one of the best engineering colleges in India. It will prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges through contemporary courses, relevant training, and skills that are necessary for a successful future.

Thought of the College

Even though we celebrate and embrace change. However, some things should never change like the values of Honesty and Integrity, the attributes of Teamwork and Leadership and most importantly the passion for Excellence. Therefore, the environment of Arya College is one of the top engineering colleges in Rajasthan has been created to encourage the blossoming of not just excellent, future-ready managers but global citizens with a sound value system.

The holistic approach facilitates us to amalgamate all our co-curricular activities with our recognized syllabus. The Arya enables the students with a great blend of conceptual construction and practical insight. , which is relevant for embarking upon real-world business situations. Moreover, the active participation of our business network has us to lead a pragmatic approach in the knowledge imparted by the institution.

The students at the engineering college will be working with academics & finishing school staff who are committed to seeing you succeed. In addition, the teachers will help you to develop your ideas, knowledge, and understanding for a purposeful life.

The vision of the College

For the growth of an individual or a college, the vision is very important. However, in accordance with the fact, the Arya College of Engineering and IT have a remarkable vision for the college and its students.

The vision of the Arya College of Engineering and IT is “To grow exponentially from a local body (Group of Colleges) to a worldwide education ‘AGGLOMERATE (UMBRELLA) ENCOMPASSING SCIENTIFIC, TECHNICAL, COMMERCIAL, and LITERARY DISCIPLINES’ to fulfill the national and international requirements and to expand the knowledge horizon beyond the current FORMIDABLE BOUNDARIES”.

The mission of the College

The mission of the college manifests its honesty and dedication towards building the embarking future of its students. Arya College, Kukas have a very positive and bright mission for its students.

The mission of the college is “To become a leading Educational Institute delivering Technocrats, Administrators (Managers) and Entrepreneurs capable of transforming India to a TECHNOLOGICAL AND ECONOMICAL SUPERPOWER besides establishing itself as an Educational Hub of worldwide acclaim”.

Achievements of the College

The achievement of the college is the main attraction for the students. However, the achievements define the authenticity and credibility of the institution.

• Arya College of Engineering and IT is an NBA and TCS Accredited College.

• The college is the center for the Initial Learning Program of TATA Consultancy Services.

• The college is also the center for Mission 10X & WAVE Learning Program of Wipro.

• Arya College, Kukas was the first college in Rajasthan to start IT and Automobile Branch of engineering.

• Arya Engineering College is a center of Excellence & KDC.

• Every year Arya College, have highest 1st year B. Tech. Student.

• The Arya College Kukas is the first campus in North India providing state-of-the-art-e-campus features.

• The Arya College Jaipur is the most technically Advanced College of North India.

• Arya College Of Engineering has the most sophisticatedly designed Computer labs with 1900 Computers on LAN & WAN. Moreover, 20% of Total Merits of R.T.U. are from Arya.

• Arya Engineering College has placed more than 3000 students placed through Campus Placement in the last 9 years.

• The Arya College is recorded as the college with the highest number of Professors in the state

• Arya College of Engineering and IT became the first College in Jaipur to start M Tech. However, the subjects are Computer Science, Electronics & Comm. Engineering & Electrical Engineering in the year 2006.

• Arya College of Engineering and IT was the first college to provide Wi-Fi Enabled campus for uninterrupted flow of information to integrate the education process and develop new mindsets.

Placement at the College

Arya College has a well established, comprehensive, and dynamic Training and Placement Cell. The placement team has 30 members who co-ordinate with the Company Corporate Officials for the campus recruitment drives.

Arya College does not ensure any job to the students. Instead, it ensures and commits to providing all the possible assistance to its students to ensure their employment. The benefits of this assistance will reflect on the preparation of students. Who is able to secure lucrative and esteemed positions in renowned organizations.

So, overall, Arya engineering college Jaipur does not believe in making any false promises to its students and their parents. The college can lead its students towards the path of success. But achieving that success is dependent on the dedication and hard work of the students.

In conclusion, the organization believes that whom we edify is who we are!!!

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