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An Overview of Big Data Technology

A deep insight into computer science engineering courses

Big data is an important term from computer science engineering courses. It aims at data sets that are complex or large, as the traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Big Data Technology mainly consists of analysis zing, data creation, capturing the data, sharing, transfer, searching, storage capacity, visualization, and querying and information privacy.

Categories which comes under Big Data

Big data works on the data produced by various devices and their applications by the students of computer science engineering at best engineering colleges in Jaipur. Under mentioned are some of the fields that also involved in the umbrella of Big Data.

  • Black Box Data - It is incorporated by flight crafts. Students of top engineering colleges in Jaipur store a large sum of information. It includes the conversation between crew members and any other communications by the technical grounds duty staff.
  • Social Media Data - Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook contains the information and the views posted by millions of people across the globe.
  • Stock Exchange Data - It holds the information based on the ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’ decisions in terms of share between different companies made by the customers.
  • Power Grid Data - The power grid data holds the information consumed by a specific node in terms of the base station.
  • Transport Data - It includes the data’s from various transport sectors such as capacity, model, distance and vehicle availability.
  • Search Engine Data - Search engines recover a large amount of data from different sources of the database.

Importance of Big Data

The importance of big data is based on the method of utilizing the data that students of B Tech Colleges in Jaipur own. However, data can collect from any source and analyze it to solve. Also, It enables us in terms of cost and time reductions, smart decision making, new product development, and optimized offerings. With the combination of Big Data with high-powered analytics, students can have a great impact on business strategies like:

  1. Finding the main reason of issues, failures, defects in real-time operations.
  2. Generating coupons during sale based on the buying habits of customers
  3. Re-calculating risk portfolios in less time
  4. Detecting fraud behavior before it affects and risks the organization.

How exactly businesses are utilizing Big Data?

Big Data converts into a solid piece of information by the students of Best B Tech College in Jaipur. Later, it becomes very straightforward for most of the business enterprises. They are based on the wants of the customers. It also includes fast-moving products and expectations of the end users from the customer service. Further, it increases the time sequence for marketing, methods on cost reduction, and methods to build economies of scale in a highly efficient manner. Therefore, Big Data leads to big-time benefits for the organizations. Hence there exists a demand for it in the IT world.

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