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Admission interview 2021 – An end of hiring process

Admission Interview Process at Engineering Colleges

A technical / admission interview prepares the students of top engineering colleges Jaipur for the types of questions they may encounter. The coding interview is one of the most important parts of the hiring process for jobs in software engineering and other technical jobs, if you are invited in for a programming interview. It enables a company to assess how they work in different environments and helps them to gain a firmer understanding of your technical knowledge and skill set.

What are technical/Admission interviews?

An invitation to a technical or admission interview takes you to the end of the hiring process. After passing the resume, cover letter, and phone screening, students of Top BTech Colleges may be invited to answer a series of technical questions. During the interview, they will be asked a series of coding questions and be presented with a few challenges that they are expected to solve.

The technical job interview is an opportunity to show a company that they actually have the skills required to do the job. This is much more significant than having the ability to tell someone that they have those skills. The Technical Interview usually involves some questions and challenges for them to solve.

The purpose of the interview is not to trick the students of Engineering Colleges Jaipur or provides an incredibly complex brain teasers or algorithm design challenges to solve. Instead, the interview is designed to see how aspirants solve the types of problems they may encounter on the job. If they are applying for a developer operations (DevOps) job, they may be expected to solve a problem related to managing a cluster of servers at scale.

What does a tech interview involve?

There are a few components of a coding interview that includes technical phone screen, take-home test, on-site interview, etc. Nobody can deny from the fact that every company may have different processes. For instance, Facebook has an initial technical screen then jumps straight into an on-site interview which lasts for one day.

The details of whom an individual talk with will vary depending on the company, but there are usually two possible scenarios including:

  • 1. At a small company - Members of the engineering college team, or perhaps the CTO. All interviewers will be contributors to product development and get you hired.
  • 2. At a large company - Recruiters, HR representatives, or a technical recruiter. An interviewer will have little or no prior technical experience, especially if they are at the start of the interview process.

They might even have multiple interviews with many people. Many companies like to get involved into the engineering team. They will be the ones working with the new hire. In other words, it provides an extra interview with the engineering team before they notify them about whether they have the job.

What to know for your interview?

There are not usually any expectations around specific things that students of best engineering colleges Rajasthan should bring to their interview. The main things they will want to bring are standard interview items like a pen, a notebook, and a printed copy of their resume. An individual does not need to bring a laptop to their interview unless the interviewer specifically asks them to. Also, they need to be aware of the company’s dress code.

The stages of a tech interview

There are three main stages in each interview process including the phone screen, the take-home task, and the coding interview.

1. The Phone Screen

A recruiter liked their resume and cover letter, and they are interested in talking with them. Now, they will have to participate in a phone screen, where they will talk directly with a recruiter or another member of the company’s staff. The phone screen is all about enabling the recruiter to get to know them better.

2. Tips for the Phone Screen

Students of the list of engineering colleges need to be honest. Tell the interviewer about their interests, what projects they would like to work on, and what skills they have. Show your actions and ensure that you are passionate in your interview. With lots of technical experience, you can ask the interviewer to check out your portfolio. Besides, you can tailor your answers to the interviewer. Make sure you know who you are talking to in your technical interview, and modify your answers to them accordingly.

3. Take-Home Task

If students of BTech colleges have successfully completed the phone screen, they may be asked to complete a take-home task. This is often a simple challenge designed to assess their technical skills before they come in for an interview. The technical challenge may still take up a few hours of their time and require their undivided attention.

The way a take-home task is conducted will be different as per the company. Some companies provide a tool like a CoderPad, and a programming challenge to solve in real-time. Students of the private engineering colleges Rajasthan may do this challenge over a video interview and be expected to justify their decisions behind using certain techniques during the interview.


The technical interview is about testing your coding skills. Students of best BTech colleges should prepare for this interview by doing a few basic practices in whatever programming language they will be using in their interview. Sometimes coding challenges, especially take-home ones will have an extra task that an individual can complete. To set yourself apart from other engineering candidates, do that challenge as well, and showcase that you are passionate about the job.

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