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Ace your telephonic interview at Arya 1st Old Campus

Keys to get success in an interview

In an attempt to save time and costs, companies nowadays conduct telephonic interviews. With this, they screen job applicants from Arya 1st Old Campus before scheduling a face-to-face interaction. Arya is one of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur. Shorter than a face-to-face interview, a telephonic interaction allows the hiring manager to examine the candidate. If the applicant matches the requirements, companies invite them for the on-site interview.

Although it sounds easy to crack, a telephonic interview requires you to prepare well to increase your chances of a face-to-face discussion. Under mentioned are some tips to help you clear the initial screening round for your next job.

Pick the right location

To sound comfortable and confident, students of top 10 engineering colleges need to pick a spot where you can talk without distractions and noise. Make sure to inform your family members not to disturb you during the interview process. Choose a room where cell phone signals are not shaky to avoid any interruptions.

Keep your documents handy

These documents include your updated resume and cover letter if the interviewer refers to details in them. Students of best engineering colleges in Rajasthan must keep a pen and paper handy to take down notes. You can also keep your laptop in case you want to search for something on the Internet, however, be careful while typing.

Be positive

Be happy and enthusiastic during the interview. Although it is telephonic, the interviewer can sense your mood from your voice. Students of Top Engineering colleges in Jaipur should not use humor or sarcasm in their answers as it can be misinterpreted. Use a positive language to communicate and put forward your best skills even when they the interviewer questions you about weaknesses.

Be attentive to questions and comments

Listen carefully and try to give brief answers without going off the topic. Students of top private engineering colleges in Rajasthan must ensure asking some follow-up questions to show your interest in the job opportunity. Ask questions on the job role you are being interviewed, company strategy or branding plans.

Show off your skills

Brush up your knowledge and be prepared to showcase your talent. If students of best B Tech Colleges in Jaipur are interviewing for writing or editing position, they may need to come up with creative ad copies or write a short description of their product.

Thank your interviewer

Do not forget to express your gratitude to the interviewer at the end even if the interview did not go as per your expectations. You can also write a short thank you mail a day after the phone interview.

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