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Accelerate your Marketing career with an MBA in Marketing

A career guide for marketing majors

The Indian economy is on a boom cycle with several industry sectors recording unparalleled growth rates compared to the past, especially MBA in Marketing. However, the direct consequence of all this growth is in great demand for experienced and insightful Marketing Managers in recent years.

With online and social media dominating consumer behavior in the last couple of years, digital marketing is one of the high-growth sectors within Marketing. Marketing as a function and profession has its own share of challenges.

Common Challenges faced by marketing departments

  1. Establishing ROI on the Marketing spend - Every marketing task cannot be tracked for conversions without adequate data from the Sales department.
  2. Getting adequate budget for marketing campaigns - Marketing budgets are flexibly allocated causing compromises with the Marketing campaigns.
  3. Not having a website that shines - Having a user-friendly design and impressive content for the website requires the students of Best Colleges for MBA to outsource to specialized agencies.
  4. Awareness gap in marketing technologies - Marketing departments who fall short here, end-up creating ineffective campaigns.
  5. Training marketing team members - Marketing personnel should be aware of the latest developments in this domain. However, this requires extensive and frequent training for the personnel.

MBA in Marketing at Arya

Overcoming these challenges requires a different kind of orientation, thinking, skills and educational background in aspiring Marketing personnel. However, MBA Colleges like Arya 1st Old Campus offer Marketing programs which precisely achieve this effect through a well-balanced curriculum.

Course Curriculum in different stages

  1. Students of Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur learn the basics of marketing principles and concepts.
  2. Candidates of Best MBA Colleges in Jaipur dive deep into the practical and day to day aspects of running a Business organization profitably.
  3. Students exposed to an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior. They create an effective marketing strategy to deal with both domestic and international consumers.
  4. It provides the finishing touches through top management perspectives into running a business.


In conclusion, Marketing becomes more organized and sophisticated with each passing day, it opens up interesting possibilities for aspiring candidates. However, an MBA degree from MBA Colleges in Jaipur provides an extra edge to the candidate. It helps him/her seize the best of opportunities.

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