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Arya College Cousellor Arun Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Contact for Admission

Arun College Cousellor Arya

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Arya

Industrial Support Labs

PLC/SCADA Lab– Connecting the dots between Education and Industry, this lab offers the best to learn in Industrial Automation Technology. Either it is Siemens ET200S PLC controlling 13 different projects like Mixing Plant, Coal Crusher, Smart City or Automated Water Treatment and Distribution System, Wireless Pick Drop Robot etc. prepares the Student to be ‘Future Ready’.

High Voltage Engineering Lab– A unique State-of-the-Art 100KV High Voltage Testing Set-Up facilitates the testing of Cables, Insulators and Corona. Also being equipped with Transformer Oil Filtration and Oil Testing, Buchholz Relay, Transmission Line Simulation System etc gives an edge to the Skills of Student.

Grid Sub-Station– Providing Industrial outreach, the Ultimate 4 Point PLC Controlled 1.1KV Hybrid Grid Sub-Station gives the glimpse of remarkable efforts should be put in to achieve the best. Another barrier breaking learning to make student’s knowledge shine more.


Skill Development Cell– Entrusted with the responsibility to train Students by providing them skills through designing and fabrication to promote entrepreneurship and employment opportunities besides teaching them creativity and innovation. On par of this, support from MSME inspire to initiate tech-based Student owned Start-Up.

Solar Lab- Being an inexhaustible source of energy and India having tremendous scope of Generating Solar Energy, it will be a life line of Future World. As Power, Automobile and other sectors planning a big shift to utilize Solar Energy up to the fullest, this lab giving a deep sense of it and developing students in parallel with growing opportunities in this field.

Research & Development

MATLab– An idea should be put to test to qualify for real. Student design and test circuits on software to look for desired Output. Analysis can be done on simulation where results could be graphical, statistical etc for improvisation to find more efficient and convenient ways to deliver the best.


Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab– In an age of Advanced Technology, the strong foundation is laid by understanding the tiniest of the details about House Wiring, Insides of Ceiling Fan, Induction Motors, Transformers etc. making Students confident about always finishing as a winner.

Electrical Machine Lab– Concerned with the process of Energy Conversion and it’s applications, student getting acquainted with characteristics and behavior of different types of Motors, Generators, Exciters and Transformers while practicing various methods to tune their operations.

Power System Lab– To create near future sustainable society, Quality of Power is taken care of by different types of relays, Current Transformer tests, Star Delta Connections etc. Consistency in performing and delivery of a system is must for achieving new heights for uniform growth.

Electrical Measuring Instrumentation Lab– To provide students the practical, elementary as well as comprehensive knowledge about various measuring instruments like Ammeter, Voltmeter, Wattmeter etc. As the measurement plays an important role in keeping the check on different quantities.

Digital Electronics Lab– In the growing field of technology, electronic devices are becoming more and more dependent on digitalization due to benefits like easy operations and accurate results. Students learn about Logic Gates, Flip Flops, Multiplexers, De- Multiplexers etc to keep up their pace of understanding with this growing era.

Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab– To educate students about various aspects and structures of Electronic Devices, understanding of circuits and its components is given. With CRO’s and Function generators they also learn about the simplification and methodological approach used to make the devices function properly.