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A survival guide to the engineering design process

An engineering design challenge for B Tech students

The Engineering design process is a series of steps that B Tech students follow to come up with a solution to a problem. Many times the solution involves designing a product that meets certain criteria or accomplishes a certain task.

  1. Engineering design is a process – It involves tools and ways of thinking that people can use in almost any situation. Each part of the process reveals information about the problem and its possible solutions.
  2. Engineering design is iterative - Engineers of B Tech Colleges expect to repeat the process. Steps like defining, planning, modeling, and testing, can complete in different sequences to find the best possible solution.
  3. Engineering design is problem-solving - It always has a purpose that is specific and known. It may involve experiments to better understand the problem. But the goal of engineering design is always to solve a problem.
  4. Engineering design is finding the best solution - Evaluation is a significant part of the process. Solutions have different strengths and weaknesses and have to stay within the physical limits of available time, cost, tools, and resources. However, engineers of Top Engineering Colleges have to choose the solution that provides the most desired features with the fewest negatives.

The engineering design process can be extremely useful to the students of Best Engineering Colleges. But engineering design can be and usually is done in teams. Each team member brings different knowledge and experience to the process, which usually improves the results.

An important factor of engineering design

One great thing about engineering design is that it relies on skills that students of Top 10 Engineering Colleges can easily do. Also, they can learn to do better with practice. Different models of the engineering design process include different “steps”. But there are a few skills that anyone doing engineering design is likely to use. It includes asking questions, doing research, brainstorming, drawing or sketching. Also, it includes constructing models or prototypes, conducting tests, evaluating results and presenting solutions.

The role of professional engineers

Professional engineers may work on problems that are bigger in scale and complexity. In addition, the basic process for solving them is the same as students of B Tech College in Jaipur can use to solve everyday problems. The difference between planning a taco party and designing a city's water system is simply the amount of special knowledge and experience required to solve the problem.

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