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A multi-dimensional universe with Blue Brain technology

Human brain simulations for the future of Engineering Colleges grads

What is Blue Brain?

It is the name of the world's first virtual brain. That means a machine that can function entirely as a human brain. The scientists are in research by assisting Engineering Colleges grads to create an artificial brain that can think, respond, take the decision and keep anything in the memory.

After the death of the body, the virtual brain can act like a man. Therefore, we will never lose the intelligence, knowledge, personality, feelings, and memories of the person. However, the simulations of the human brain in this project are carried out on a Blue Gene supercomputer built by the professionals of the list of engineering colleges in Jaipur. Therefore, it is named "Blue Brain".

The method to collect the data

This is an attempt to reverse engineer the human brain and recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation. The human brain can map to the computer and refer later to reactions and decisions. The research involves studying slices of the brain so that the students of B Tech College in Jaipur can use microscopes and patch-clamp electrodes.

Data collect different neuron types. However, it helps in building biologically realistic models of neurons and networks of neurons in the cerebral cortex. Such simulations scaling to the size of a honey bee brain and rat brain obtains in accordance with the scheduled timeline. In other words, human brain simulations will take nearly a decade more.

Steps to build the virtual brain

  1. Data acquisition- It involves taking brain slices, placing them under a microscope and measuring the shape and electrical activity of individual neurons for the students of Best Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.
  2. Simulation- The simulation step involves synthesizing virtual cells using the algorithms that were found to describe real neurons. The algorithms and parameters adjust for the age, species, and disease stage of the animal for the simulation purpose.
  3. Visualization of results- RT Neuron is the primary application that experts of Best B Tech College in Jaipur use for visualization of neural simulations. However, the software develops internally by the team. It is written in C++ and OpenGL.

What is the importance of this project?

One of the major goals of the project is to gain a complete understanding of the brain by the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. It also enables better and faster development of brain disease treatments. Making decisions in the absence of a person, using the skills and intelligence of a person after death, are few of the things that can be achieved. It also includes understanding the activities of the animals, allowing the deaf to hear through direct nerve stimulation. The most important factors that lead to the development of this project are:

Brain disease treatments

There are about 560 brain diseases. However, the success of this project can help cure diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's.

Scientific curiosity about consciousness and the human mind

The study of the conscious and subconscious mind.

Integration of all neuro-scientific research results worldwide

The different results and developments can add and sum up to reach several important conclusions.

Progress towards building thinking machines

This is the bottom-up approach. This will help to ease the human time and efforts.

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