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How to improve your study skills at engineering colleges

Tips to improve your study skills

Many students work hard to acquire good study skills, but not many realize that having the right place to study is just as important. Your study environment can be a big factor in how successfully students of engineering colleges will learn and retain information and be able to apply it in your assessments and on the job. Students attending college online may need to pay even more attention to their study environment so they ensure they are learning everything they need.

Here are some ways your surroundings impact your studying and how you can make your study settings more conducive to learning.

1. Study jams

A lot of us listen to music while we read, write, and research. But does music help or hurt studying? The answer depends on the individual. However, research by the students of Top Engineering Colleges has shown that studying with headphones on tends to decrease memory and information retention, while background music can be a study aid.

2. Background noise and studying

Many students, especially those who are easily distracted or who have trouble keeping their attention focused, will find that it does not take much noise to pull them out of their reading and into their surroundings. For students at engineering colleges Jaipur online, most study time happens at home or out in public, not necessarily in quiet college libraries. This can be a problem when it comes to staying focused on your studying.

3. Quality study lighting

It is almost impossible to stay focused on your studies while straining your eyes to read in dim lighting or squinting and getting a headache under harsh artificial lights. Adequate and appropriate lighting is a must for successful studying. This may seem silly to you, but think about it. These small elements will add up and either help you have a great study session or a bad one. Pay special attention to lighting when you sit down to study. 

4. Climate and comfort

For a short time, students of best engineering colleges in Jaipur may be able to stay focused in hot or humid places, but after a while, these circumstances can become unbearable. Similarly, if they are too cold, that quickly becomes all they can think about, and studying suffers. For students attending online college, walking around campus to find a spot or needing to study outside in between classes is not an issue. Rather, it is making the time to have a good study session in a good location.

5. Getting distracted while studying

Facebook, Email, your smartphone, The TV does not take much to pull your focus from studying, especially when students of btech colleges jaipur studying something they find boring or difficult. It is hard enough to get yourself to sit down and plan to study, it is even harder to keep studying when you would rather be doing something else.

6. Getting too comfortable

Sitting on your bed in your pajamas while logging into your course of study may be a unique perk of earning your degree online, but if students of Top BTech Colleges not careful, next thing you know you may be waking up from an unplanned nap. Of course, the converse is true, if the chair they are sitting in is hard, straight-backed, and just plain uncomfortable, they will be squirming a lot more than they will be learning.

7. Beating the clock

When studying, the clock can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Keeping an eye on the time can give you a sense of urgency and remind you that you have got one hour left of study time, so you have to make the most of it. Use the clock to your advantage. Set time-related goals. Before you start an assignment or task, write down what time you plan to finish. 

8. Studying and other people

Study groups can be helpful or frustrating. Setting up a study session with classmates can end up being productive, or sometimes it can be little more than a chat session. You may also find yourself at home when a roommate or child wants some of your attention. These other people can wreak havoc on your carefully planned-out study time.

9. Improving study spaces

Even the physical arrangement of furniture and the layout of a room can affect your ability to study. In a cramped, crowded room, you may feel restricted and stuck maybe even a little claustrophobic and definitely not relaxed and ready to learn. If it is hard for you to get to the resources you need, your calculator is on a cluttered desk on the other side of a couch that is too big for the room. You can get frustrated or opt to go without resources that would greatly improve your effectiveness.

Take some time to create a clean, organized, neat work space for studying, and then endeavour to keep it that way. Let your family or roommates know that your desk is yours, and their clutter doesn’t belong there. If space is limited and you study in a room where you also do other chores, completely finish and clean up from one chore before leaving it behind. Remember that a cluttered learning environment clutters the mind.


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