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Mechanical Engineering:

Why Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical Engineering is mainly known for solving world’s great problems and challenges by producing sustainable energy, providing a safe environment and clean water. Mechanical engineering is said to be one of the broadest engineering disciplines.

Work done by mechanical engineers is to design, develop, build and also test mechanical and thermal sensors which include tools, engines, equipments and various instruments. Those who interested in sharing hand for the development of nation should surely choose mechanical engineering. Every machine which a doctor uses, every single machine and its parts are designed and created by mechanical engineers.

Mostly students choose Mechanical Engineering because it helps in providing safe and clean environment by designing new means of energy conversion and storage. Mechanical Engineering is been widely chosen by students because it has more job opportunities. Mechanical engineering is all about dealing with concepts like robotics, mechanics, kinematics, etc.

Contribution to the society:

Mechanical Engineers even contribute in the development of various engines and power plant equipments and heating and cooling systems and other type of machinery. Mechanical Engineering is now gaining students’ attention because it is covering even those areas which are normally not included in this field like nanotechnology, development of composite materials, biomedical applications and environmental materials.


In order to become a Mechanical Engineer, a student has to pass twelfth class with subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Mathematics has its own importance in the field of engineering. Subjects like physics, chemistry, geology and computer science has numerical problems. Numerical problems cannot be solved without help of mathematics. Algebra, trigonometry and quadratic equations are part of mathematics and also have relation with engineering subjects.

Just like shampoo is incomplete without conditioner similarly, engineering is incomplete without mathematics. Engineering is related with more practical knowledge and mathematics is all about practical questions. In chemistry, you can’t solve an equation without mathematics help. They both go hand in hand. Though, a very small part of engineering is taking help of mathematics in calculation but that simply does not mean that mathematics is not important in engineering field.

In order to do BE/BTech in Mechanical Engineering, a student has to have at least 50 to 60 % marks in twelfth board examination. After that entrance examinations like IITJEE and AIEEE are held and students can take admission in best Engineering colleges with the marks of these in entrance examinations. Some of the famous Engineering colleges also held their personal examination at their level. Students can also do a diploma in polytechnic and then, do further education in Mechanical Engineering without attending eleventh and twelfth class.


Many a times, some colleges also offer scholarship for students who cannot afford any good college’s fees. Such bright students have to fight separate examination for scholarship facility too. One can also go for post graduate program only if he/she has a graduate degree in BE/BTech from a reputed college. If one has interest in Mechanical Engineering and wants to grasp knowledge as much as possible and also get the highest position in society then, one can even do PhD in further studies.


Mechanical Engineering is the right career for you only if you have certain skills and interests like a good analytical mind, logical reasoning and problem solver. Foremost and the important of all is to have enough patience, ability to work in long and tedious working hours, creative skills, learning skills and immense interest in playing with the machines just like you play with the toys.

Career Options:

Career options in Mechanical Engineering are unlimited. They say that if you want to contribute in nation’s development, then become a Mechanical Engineer. Job options in Mechanical Engineering are so many like Aerospace Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Contracting Civil Engineer, Control and instrumentation Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical Engineer. Other options in different fields are corporate investment banker, Mining Engineer, Patent attorney, Production manager, Technical sales Engineer and Water Engineer. Mechanical Engineers are also hired in other sectors of Engineering and also different industries like Rail and Defense industry.

Aerospace industry Mechanical Engineers do research, designing, manufacturing, operating and maintaining aircraft in Aerospace industry, they are given work like understanding the stress and vibration loads applied throughout the engine.

Automotive industry In Automotive industry, their work is to design, manufacture and distribute and market motor vehicles. Mechanical Engineer’s work in this industry is divided into three categories which means designing new products and improving existing ones then, find solutions to related problems and then, plan and design new production process.

Chemical industry: In Chemical industry, they have to build new plants or develop new process technologies. There is no specific work in the chemical industry for Mechanical Engineers’, all they do is help them in their work by doing similar or parallel works.

Construction industry: Construction industry offers opportunities like designing and building infrastructure, building and their services. Mechanical Engineers ensure that the equipment is erected, tested and commissioned in accordance with agreed contracts.

Defense Industry: Mechanical Engineers construct such type of weapons which support armed forces and also help in national security. There are job opportunities in both type of sector, private and Government sector, especially in armed forces and also provide services to support land, air and navy force.

Electronics: In Electronics industry, Mechanical Engineers have to design and manufacture components. Component Engineers create, install and test specific parts of Mechanical and Electrical systems.

Marine Industry: In Marine industry, they develop and help in operating vessels. This gives students an opportunity to enter in merchant navy services.

Rail Industry: Last but not the least, Rail industry offers job opportunities like designing, constructing, managing and maintaining rail components from trains and tracks to electrical power systems. Similarly, in Rail industry, Mechanical Engineers are involved in track systems, rolling stock, and other rail vehicle engineering.

Metals and Minerals Industry: In industries like metals and material industry, Mechanical Engineers are normally involved in process technology and development whereas in power generation industry, Mechanical Engineers maintain mechanical plant items like pipe work, coal mills, pumps, gas turbines, etc

Other areas:

Students who wish to seek non- technical career in Mechanical Engineering then, they should opt IT companies and technical consultancies as their career in Mechanical Engineering. Students can also opt for areas like teaching.


Career in Mechanical Engineering is considered best because their industry is not hit by recession or global economic meltdown and job openings are always open for people who wish to work in this field. Students should make sure that Mechanical Engineering is not that easy. Career in Mechanical Engineering include targeted and deadlines work, physically one should not be weak and should have capacity of working under pressure.


Salary of a Mechanical Engineer may vary from experience point of view. Normally, they are paid Rs. 359, 154 per year. Salary is increased with the years of experience and high skills learned in those years such as Engineering Design, C++, ANSYS, and solid works.

Different Designations:

Different designations are offered to Mechanical Engineer according to their expertise area and qualification. Job profile of Mechanical Engineer may include different roles in a company and those roles include Research and Development, Design, Production, Analysis and Testing, Installation and Testing.

Research and Development: Research and Developments role is to do research and then, plan new machine which will lead to development.

Design: Designs role includes responsibility like to draft technical drawings, manually or with the help of computers.

Production:Productions role includes manufacturing of Mechanical components and machines.

Analysis and Testing:In Analysis and Testing, Mechanical Engineers analyze and test different types of machines and their parts.

Installation: Installations role includes installing machines and its parts at client’s location.

Maintenance: Lastly, Maintenances role is to make sure that the machines are working in proper and fine manner.


Top companies which hire Mechanical Engineers are Automobile and auto part manufacturers, Aerospace industry, various Government sector undertakings, aviation companies, steel plants, Thermal plants and gas turbine manufacturers, shipping industry, Engineering consultancies and Air conditioning and refrigerator industry. Some of the names of such companies are:

Companies which hire Computer Science Engineers:

Hindustan Motors Ltd Axles India Ltd Tata Motors Mahindra and Mahindra Bharat Electronics Ltd

Job duties:

Duties of a Mechanical Engineer include analyzing problems and to see how thermal and mechanical devices help to solve a particular problem, designing or redesigning thermal and mechanical devices, develop and prototypes of devices they design, analyze the results and oversee the manufacturing process for the devices.

Work Environment:

Mechanical Engineers generally work in offices. It is possible that Mechanical Engineers work for regular hours and it might be also that according to work pressure, one may has to work for extra working hours. Mechanical Engineers work in workshops, seminars, factories, offices and buildings’ site.


Mechanical Engineering is one of the best fields in Engineering because it carries advantages like paid holidays and insurance. After getting enough experience and knowledge, junior Mechanical Engineers move to the position of supervisors or managers depending upon one’s ability.


The more qualification one attains, the more he wants to learn and know. Therefore, students also go to abroad to study more and especially foe higher qualification. It is not always necessary that one gets opportunity of going to abroad only for higher qualification. One can also go to abroad if he/she is working in a multinational or IT company.

Other job opportunities:

There are also various job opportunities in mechanical engineering like mechanical engineers can work in power sector like NTPC, RAPP, KTPS, DAE, BHEL and SAIL. If you will have a look at machine being used by doctors or any other technician, then you will see that every machine is designed and created by Mechanical Engineers.