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Electronics and Communication Engineering Course

Want to be an Electronics and Communication engineer?

Whether it is electronics or communication, every aspect of life today has the impact of both fields somewhere or the other. Electronics (hardware) acts as a link whereas, communication (multimedia) as a control. There is a huge need of good analytical and mathematical background in the existing market. There is a huge scope of work in the coming years, for those who take Electronics and Communication engineering in India as their profession.

Arya Institute understands this demand and is dedicated towards producing good engineers and technocrats.

The 4 years under graduate Electronics and Communication engineering course at Arya institute allows you to pursue a career as Electrical Engineer. You may work in a power plant or developing software to improve electrical equipment are the primary tasks of an electrical engineer.

One specializing in this field can also work in steel factories, the railways, at construction sites or handle automated systems in which electricity supply and distribution plays a crucial role.

You may also be Application developers, system engineers, integrators and information technology professionals, in case you pursue a two years Masters degree in Electronics and Engineering from Arya.

Technology and innovation hand in hand can improve upon our lifestyles. One can handle perilous situations safely via having a subject knowledge in digital signal processing, logic and neural networks, digital system integration and communication, embedded structures in microprocessors and micro controllers and microwaves are studied as part of the course.

The degree in Electronics and Communication at Arya generally includes units covering physics, chemistry, mathematics, project management and specific topics in electrical engineering. Students may choose to specialize in one or more subfields towards the end of the degree.

Some electronics engineers also choose to pursue a postgraduate degree such as a Master of Science (MSc), Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD) or an Engineering Doctorate (EngD). The Master’s degree may consist of either research, coursework or a mixture of the two. The Doctor of Philosophy consists of a significant research component and is often viewed as an expert knowledge. in jaipur rajasthan. Join Arya to make your dreams come true. Develop every aspect of your personality so that after accomplishment of this four year degree program you not only become an engineer but also an expert industry professional.