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Arya College is Organizing Exergie, 2018

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Arya College is Organizing Exergie, 2018

March 5, 2018 11:48 am

Innovation and Entrepreneurship have gained relevance in today’s world. For this, Arya College of Engineering and IT is organizing National Level Technical Fest Exergie’18 for the Department of Computer Science Engineering on 9th March 2018 at Arya 1st Old Campus. This event will challenge and enhance different types of skills of the students. It will develop the spirit of competition and dedication at National Level that helps in the improvement of concentration and focus of life.

There will be several activities or the competition that includes Episteme, Brain Twister, Techno-Mystify, Blind-Coding, Explorer, Apps-World, Enfoncer and Manuever. These types of technical or technological activities present an opportunity to the students to showcase their innovative projects. It is an ideal platform for the national and industrial organizations to feel the pulse of the students and empowering them in the field of innovation and technology.


Each and every competition plays a significant role and helps students to learn and understand various techniques, methods and strategies to achieve practical experience and exposure.

  • Episteme: Episteme is an online programming competition in which programmers are asked to solve algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time, using the programming language of their choice (C/C++/JAVA).
  • Blind Coding: It is a unique programming competition where the participant has to write the program in C language for given problem with the monitor off.
  • Apps-World: The objective of the Apps-world is to bring together young and enthusiastic students, to give them a platform to showcase and share ideas. The competition will provide a platform to exchange and disseminate knowledge related to emerging technologies.
  • Techno-Mystify: This Event is a technical puzzle round. In this event questions from the various technical subjects, pictures of the great I.T. professionals and logos of different companies will be asked in the form of objective questions.
  • Enfoncer: This event is all about using your skills of hacking & breaking patterns. It consists of a set of tasks related to various skills of hacking.
  • Maneuver : This is a LAN Gaming Event with 4 gaming events. The events will be Need for Speed, Fifa, Burnout, Counter-Strike. There will be various rounds.
  • Brain Twister: It is the online event which emphasis on the exercise of your brain. This event focuses on your reasoning power. It makes use of simple maths calculations of day to day life.
  • Explorer: Explorer is an event which explores the flame within people who dream to be an entrepreneur. This platform is to prove your idea, business skills and interact with other student entrepreneurs.

These programs play a major role in improving the creativity, team building, leadership abilities, practical experience and personal development of the students. For each activity, a certain set of discipline and rules have to be followed by the students which will be explained to the participants.