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Our Requiters 1
Our Requiters 1
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Why ARYA College ?

Arya College of Engineering and Information Technology a Premier Institute in Technical & Professional Education was Established in year 2000 with an Aim to Groom the Young Intellectual Capital to the Height of Technical Excellence.

For Arya, Education means more than Imparting Quality Academic Knowledge with Life skills, Ethic & Ethos of Society and Professional World. The skills imbibed in the Arya College of engineering Jaipur helps students to face challenges in every aspect of their life. Arya College Jaipur Aims at Developing Young Aspirants to Lead the Global Professional Scenario.

Now Proud Aryans can be found in all around the Professional World Excelling Niche in the Fields of Engineering and Related Industries. The Growth of the College has been Multidimensional that has been proven by the numerous Rewards and Recognition it has received in the past years.

Accredited by NBA and TCS

Accredited by TCS

Being one of the top engineering colleges in Rajasthan , it has laurels like accreditation by Tata Consultancy Services , Leading Software Company of India. This Accreditation indicates that Arya College performs in a systematic way as per industry standards. This also increases the credibility of the students. Aryans believe in more than 100% value addition to the educational qualification and credentials, with which they are gracefully welcomed by industry.

Focus on employability of students

Stature in Placement among the Top Engineering Colleges of Rajasthan

Arya has undertaken the challenge of molding students of different background by providing them High Standard Professional Education Engineering Skills, Soft Skills and Managerial Skills which improves their employability and enables to be better than the students passing out from other Engineering Colleges in Jaipur and across India. The Best Employers organize Closed Campus Drive every year to recruit the students of Arya College in large numbers. Our students have high acceptance from industry which is indicated by more than 5000 Alumni working at Middle and Top Level Management around the Globe.

Exposure to practical knowledge

Exposure to Practical Knowledge

Arya has Practical Approach towards learning which make student capable of Self Development in the field of Innovation in Technology. Thus Arya College gives more weightage to lab work giving optimal practical exposure in addition to development of other important skills of the students, Cloud Computing Lab, Robotics Research & Development Cell, PLC lab, Experimental Grid Sub Station, Wind Tunnel and I.C. Engine labs are a few examples of labs beyond the syllabus which prove Arya College’s commitment to provide Advanced Practical knowledge to its students.

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